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The song: a new psychedelic horror game, a disturbing 1st trailer

We may be in 2020, the games developed only on the "Next Gen" consoles that are the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are extremely rare. Suddenly, when one of them points to his nose, we are necessarily very attentive. This is the case with The song, a game published by Prime Matter and the young independent studio Brass Token, and who wishes to immerse us in the psychedelic horror. Playable in view in the third person, The song will make us follow the adventures of Jess Briars, a woman who decided to retire spiritual in the middle of an isolated island and who will train her in her deepest anxieties. She will indeed have to survive in front of prismatic creatures, released after a ritual song was wrong, by opening a portal towards a nightmarish dimension called "darkness". In this dimension that feeds only with negative energy, we will have to try to remain aware of what is going on and not give in to fear. If it is a first trailer without gameplay, The song should

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