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How to get into the Poser Desert in Genshin Impact

Topography is clearly divided into two main areas: the region of tropical forests and the desert area. When you first step on the Earth of wisdom, you will be met by thick tropical forests and trees reaching the sky, but, heading to the west, you will face historical miracles, from sandy dunes to stone architecture, covering the huge expanses of the desert. This is how you can start researching A beautiful desert to the pile. How to get to the Desert Pier in Genshin Impact To get to the desert, you first need to go to the area of the tropical forests to a pile along the path from the abyss. Keep in mind that for this you need to fulfill the following preliminary conditions: Reach the rank of adventure 35 or higher Complete the quest Arching, Chapter II: Act IV-Requiem echo depths After you unlock and illuminate the map of the world, interacting with various statues of seven scattered through the tropical forest, go to Caravan Rabat Start a short path to village ARU . In t

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