Mercenaries went to Hearthstone, and you get ready for rods

Hearthstone (formerly known as Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft ) is a collective card game online created by the company Blizzard Entertainment. It is focused on the Warcraft universe, and is free download, although with optional purchases to accelerate the rhythm of letters collection and access to extra content. The game was announced on March 22, 2013, however, during the 2013 PAX EAST, a demo was presented. It was officially published on March 11, 2014. It is currently available for Windows, OS X and iOS and Android mobile devices. In addition to the collection of initial (basic and classic) letters, Hearthstone regularly introduces expansions (Goblins vs. gnomes, the great tournament, whispers of the ancient gods, gadgetzan mafias, travel to Un goro, knights of the throne iced, Kóbolds & Catacombs, the haunted forest, the project Armagebum, the sand of Rastakhan, the shadow boom, Savigores de Uldum, the descent of the dragons, ash of Terrallende, Scholomance Academy, Madness at the Black Moon Fair, Forged In the Baldios, and the most recent: United States at Window) and Adventures (the curse of NaxXrams, Mountain Rock Black, the Expeditionary League and one night in Kharan) with new letters and mechanics. At the beginning of May 2015, the 30 million accounts registered in Hearthstone were reached.

Some time ago I wrote to you about mercenaries in Hearthstone. This is a new, slightly transfunction, but a completely extensive mode that is already available in a blizzard card. With the premiere of the mercenaries in the game, a new way to interact with Hearthstone - the village of mercenaries.

Tupac - I Wrote This Song In 94 (Dave Chappelle Makaveli Spoof) The village is a center of all activities in a new mode. You can manage the collection here, set off on orders, enter gladiators and not only. When making progress in the game, you will gain the opportunity to build and improve structures, thanks to which you will increase their efficiency. Some improvements are free and you can unlock them as part of the gameplay, you have to spend gold.

At the moment of the premiere, the full cost of the village improvement will amount to 900 pcs. Gold: 100 for unlocking gladiators, 200 for improving a travel point (which will unlock heroic orders), 200 for improving the camp (to be able to add a place to the taskboard) and 400 for improving the camp camp Once a second (to add another place to the taskboard).

Ring Gladiators in Mercenary Mode will have a new, own system for choosing players and classification. So far, there was no such complex system of this type in Hearthstone. It takes into account all variables occurring in each combination in mercenaries. If the system does not occur the ideal match, it will create one for the player using the new SI opponents technology.

However, the latest update to Hearthstone is not only the mercenaries, but also the snakes. In a week, you can expect an occasional interior design and decorative disguises. A fairy tale set contains the folk feeding of heroes for Rexxara, Jaina, Thrall and Anduin.

In turn, in a starving set in the set, you will find an alternative bartender of a refined Medivha and 7 new skins for dressed heroes in the statute. Costume already chosen? It s great, the celebration will start with the premiere of Update 21.6, or soon!


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