Russ: Feeling as if Tyson in the stomach pit skin

Failure: In the 2015/16 season, Eintracht Frankfurt fights against the descent, the playing time ends on the 16th table rank. On the day of the relegation sound against the second divider 1. FC Nuremberg becomes known that Marco Russ has received the shock diagnosis of testicular cancer. That was madness, Russ s current KMD podcast describes its former feeling of feeling. If you are fighting for sporty survival with Frankfurt and you get such a message, then you feel like Mike Tyson skin into the stomach pit and you stay away.

Russ: That was not Hollywoodreif, but filmmen

Thoughts to protect themselves and to omit the relegation spaces, but Russian came at no time. I did not leave a decision for me, that absolutely stated that I will play, Russ said. I was captain, I had a responsibility of the team and the club, I did not want to escape that. However, he was involved at the 1-1 in Frankfurt at the interim 1: 0 guidance for the club.

That was great, Russian says an ironic laugh. In retrospect, so Russ, everything came together: diagnosis, game, own goal, draw. And a yellow card because he was locked for the second leg in Nuremberg. I had my surgery and then persecuted in the hospital in the evening, as we have saved us. That was not Hollywoodreif, but filmmen.

I always said lapidar that the kind of cancer is actually a kindergarten version.

Marco Russ

The Eintracht held ultimately without Russ by a 1-0 victory in Nuremberg the class \ - and Russ consisted of the fight against cancer. I m fine today, May the meanwhile 36-year-old luckily report: Except that I realize that I have not done a sport for a year. But that also has to do with his new task as a video analyst at the harmony that fills him. Therefore, of course, the current Frankfurt form crisis employs it: Due to the 0: 2 in Bochum, the Hesse slipped on the last non-default place.

Although the VfL was much against us , Russ and introduces the early residue, the spotted penalty and two early unplanned replenishes. But that should not be excuses because we were not good enough. In principle, confidence in the potential of the team was present - which has already shown them in the games against Fenerbahce, against Piraeus and FC Bayern. The problem is according to Russ that the harmony can not constantly call you. Therefore, it applies to the indirect future, Constance in our performance.

Russ is convinced that the way under glassner is the right one

The new coach Oliver Glasner is responsible for this. That it does not really run under the Austrian, no Frankfurt individual case. All the new coaches in the Bundesliga have their problems - except Julian Nagelsmann. Russ advertises patience with the fans. The team needs time to implement the coach s ideas so that you can be successful. He is convinced that Glasner will rip the rudder at the SGE. I think the way, because we go with Oliver, is right.

In the KMD podcast Marco Russ also speaks about his career end, gives insights into his new task as a video analyst at Eintracht as well as his book fighting. Siegen. Life: A life for soccer and against cancer - and about potato buffer .

Listen to the new KMD podcast meets Dazn sequence now:

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