The Regisa and Saovine event began in the thread

The thread not so long ago celebrated its fifth birthday! Redzi prepared a few attractions, such as a new trip! This time the story will present to us Dettlaff Van Eretein. He will tell you how after the start of a vampire with Vilgefortz, he restored Regis to life and gradually became friends with him.

A new trip will be available on all supported platforms for the next 3 months. In addition, the Saovine event returns. Put the tasks ordered by the old ones to unlock the prizes. When you finish to help one of the old man, you can choose a second and third. For the execution of tasks for two of them, you will receive a unique coin, and for all three-frame.

And finally the last new one remained, i.e. the start of the Mahakam season season, which will end on December 7 at 10:00. Seasonal modes in November:

When Time Became History - The Human Era

28.10-02.11: Crop \ - Each entity played with durability. 02.11-09.11: Plus one \ - every time you play a unit, create a copy of it with strength 1 in this row. 09.11-16.11: TRAW \ - each time the unit is called on the field, first refers to 2 injuries, and then it is reinforced with 4. If the Witcher does not refer no damage. 16.11-23.11: irresistible charm - every time you play a non-spy unit, move a random enemy unit with the same force on the opposite side of the battlefield. 23.11-30.11: BANK \ - After replacing the cards, take a talie of both players. Each time a card will appear in any waist, please. 30/11/07/12: Double rate \ - Each time you play a unit from your hand, play the unit with the same recruitment cost. Your starting waist is twice increased at the beginning of the party.

If you are curious about the game brought update 9.5, you will find a list of changes here.


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