BVB | Reus weather for the media: Tagess criticized

After the 1: 2 defeat against RB Leipzig, BVB captain Marco Reus left his frustration. His significant criticism in the system many media also evaluated as criticism of coach Marco Rose. But the national player does not want to leave that.

Also, with a little distance he still stands 100 percent to the statements, which he made after the game in Leipzig, Marco Reus said in the game1 interview after practicing his quite clear criticism of the in said game Differ chain was addressed.

Zeus then explained after the final whistle: The [the four-chain] is much better to us because we are much more active than in the differ chain. In addition, we have a man less in the center in the Fühferkette, which can press with us. We come with us not clear, you have to say that very clearly. Now it does not need much to read a criticism of coach Marco Rose and its listing. But against this reproach Zeus defends.

I said in this interview that we did not realize with the differ chain during the game — for a variety of reasons. According to our conversion to the four-chain, it became better. From this sentence, which unfortunately has been torn out of the context, became Made too much, the Dortmund er Captain defended his words.

Prompt is attached to us for days a trainer criticism

In the media, the topic in Zeus eyes was far too high. If a captain may not say anything after a game, then it will be difficult. It is often required medially that we talk to players open and honestly [...], but then we give our impressions back to the gameplay, and It is promptly attached to us a trainer criticism for days, the midfielder refused against reporting.

Between him and Marco Rose Passé no sheet of paper, the 32-year-old assured: We had a very open, good and confidence relationship from the beginning.

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The fact that his words after the game in Leipzig received possibly not completely cleverly chosen and permanently allowed interpretation, Zeus had to admit. You lose an important game, you know that the competition has won in the afternoon, your pulse is at 180 — then you annoy yourself. That s completely normal, he justified his emotional response to the 1: 2 defeat.

One was simply over 90 minutes worse than Leipzig and that had annoyed him, confessed Zeus. But I m full of my statements! Again, between me and the coach, there is no problem in the approach. We have spoken after the game as we do with the rest, too, the captain appended.


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