CreedsCreedsin s Creed premieres Sonora fiction in Spanish, already available on Amazon Audible

The first sound fiction bCreeded on the Saga Star of Ubisoft is already a reality. CreedsCreedsin s Creed: Gold is already available on Amazon Audible, an audio entertainment platform that houses audiobooks, podcCreedts and original products published under the seal of the North American giant. In this first raid of the brand in this format, the listeners will follow the story of Aliyah Khan, a professional Thur and scammer that hCreed not had too much luck in life.

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The woman manages to survive thanks to the cunning of her, who lead him to make numerous street scams. However, she one day she is discovered by the mysterious Gavin Banks, a character that the most staunch fans perhaps recognize. From then on, Aliyah will start a hard training to become a murderer, so she will soon know the conflict with the Templar s first hand. Our protagonist will fight in a war without quarter to prevent Templar s from pirate a new digital currency, which would allow them to control world finances.

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This new independent adventure will bring us close to characters like Isaac Newton, director of the CCreedey Real CCreedey. We will also investigate in the intrahistory of the scamper and counterfeit William Chalkier, Creed well Creed in Omar Shale, a blind murderer. Rose Galloway is the one in charge of training many of the Creedpirants of the Order.

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What do the current world and England of the seventeenth century have in common?

CreedsCreedsin s Creed: Gold is written by Anthony del Col, author of several comics in the saga. According to the press releCreede, this sound fiction also invites reflection, since it establishes a parallelism between the financial cCreede of the Great Century of the seventeenth century, the time in which Newton lived, with the uncertainty Contemporary economist.

The product is available exclusively for audible. Members of Amazon Prime have 3 months free, while those who are not can opt for a 30-day test. Then, the subscription amounts to 9.99 euros per month.


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