Disney disappoints fans: Popular collectible will never give it

For fans of the star sensing, it has been a true roller coaster, but now there is certainty. Laser swords, almost exactly as in Star Wars, Disney will not bring on the market despite appropriate rumors from spring. But there will be you.

Update from 21.11.2021: Now its out: The Star Wars fans have to do without an almost real laser sword as a collectible piece. In a video, the Disney Group had presented his plans to the public months ago And thus speculation fueled:

Meanwhile, we know that Jedi and Sith weapons are not intended for sale. They are only used by the performers in the Star Wars: Galactic Star cruiser (Source: The Verge). There you want to offer the guests also laser sword training, but only with rigid models that can not be extended. The attraction should be fully booked for months before starting.

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Disney boss shows real laser sword: That is behind it

Just as in the films and series of the Star Wars-Franchise, it will not be — and still beat the hearts of many fans around the world: multiple reports on Twitter have Josh dAmado, as a Disney board responsible for Amusement parks and product development, recently revealed on a press event practically incidentally a new laser sword.

Heres about Disney +!

Actually, it was about the opening of the new Avengers Campus in California. At the end of his presentation, dAmado should then have pulled the sword. Steel doors melt, epic sword fights over airy abyss, separating entire body parts — all this will not be possible. But Disney apparently has another problem can solve the previous merchandise laser sword.

The laser sword, which showed dAmado, can be apparently completely disappeared in the handle and be extended again — and lights like a real from the films. Previous products were usually equipped with removable halogen tubes, as they are installed millions in ceiling lights. The Finding Tufter Ben Rid out has shown on Twitter, as that would be possible:

Two meter dimensions and LEDs: The magic behind the laser sword?

According to There, the concept is similar to a Patent of Disney from the year 2018. And unfortunately, the special laser sword is completely fully: two engines are made in the handle, which export like a meter-dimensioned paper or thin metal. An LED module located between the semicircular side walls created in this way ensures light and color. Everything is powered by three engines under control.

Noah not enough of Disney? This offers the streaming service mirage +:

So simple is the magic behind the laser sword. For true fans, it should still be a sensation. Whether the product should come to the market or when, however, is not known yet. That dAmado simply precipitates with a new laser sword on an official appointment, but is not likely. Only one thing is certain: stable enough for a laser sword fight would not be this model.


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