DOFUS 2.62: all the next elars and cosmetics

For each update, the Doffs team adds a good batch of cosmetics and idle objects. However, with the extension 2.62 The Eternal Conflict, the system changes slightly with a better display and sorting in the inventories. To celebrate the opportunity, the writing focused on the items that appeared discreetly on the beta and accessible in the encyclopedia!

DOFFS 2.62: all the next wars and cosmetics present in beta

Before taking a look at the next cosmetics of the 2.62, let's start with a reminder. These objects are not necessarily intended to be distributed. For now, they can only be found by encyclopedia. If most end in shop, it is not uncommon to see items sleeping in game files for many years. Thus, this article is to be taken with a grain of salt !

BETA DOFUS 2.62 - COMMENT AVOIR LES NOUVEAUX STUFF GRATUIT (New Dofus, New Panoplie...) A new Big store Panoplies for Tournaments

In addition to the MTA, it is always possible to freely organize tournaments and to formalize them on the forum. Bath ant items are then distributed to the winners. To choose, you will win the cape, the cap or the shield individually. You need 3 victories for full panoplies. However, since time has passed, more and more players can claim this feat. It is not surprising to see Ankara add a new panoply!

Two sets for each city...

... as well as costumes!

S Objects in store related to the brand-new extension is common practice, it is more surprising to see the costumes appear. As the Doffs team had specified during the Ask'Ankara in 2018, these are very costly in resource, requiring special work on the 18 classes, X2. This is probably a small element as for the temporary costumes, although a big costume would be welcome to celebrate the arrival of the Bonita and Grammar redesign.

Cosmetics Princess Dragon

With the release of Princess Dragon, it was logical to see some transmedia interfere in the Ankara games. For Doffs, it will pass by 3 families in connection with the world of film.


DOFFS 2.62, what happens when?

The Doffs 2.62 update will arrive at Tuesday, December 7, 2021. It will bring the long-awaited Bonita & Grammar redesign, equilibrating, a first part for the redesign of the social and many surprises! For the objects of appear, they will always arrive later and for some unlucky, never.


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