Dota 2: Suail arrives at Team Secret next to Iceiceice

Data 2 started with the registration of the squads for the DATA Pro Circuit next year. Once the procedure is finished, the Official Competencies season will begin. Among the teams that are already prepared we have Team Secret, the 3rd place of The International 11.

Recently, the squad of Clement Puppet Ivanov dismissed Ludwig CAI KOHLBERG and LAPSE AUGUST CATAMARAN URPALAINEN, who now dress the Team Liquid T-Shirt. With Michał Nisha Minkowski Passing to Carrys position, there were a couple of quotas that could be claimed by several players. However, the reinforcements come from Evil Geniuses and OG: Daryl KOH Practice Pei Xians joins next to Syed SuM ail SuM ail Hassan, respectively.

Sail will take the two position of Nisha, while Practice will be the new officer. While CAIs departure and Matumbaman generated discussions since they did not seem to need changes, the new signings surprised positively more than one. Sail comes from Play The International 10 with OG, classifying a lightning contest in which he eliminated Sigma Galaxy and Tundra Esports. He managed to get into the top key of the main event of The International, but Team Secret commanded it to the lower one. SuM ail had a shock with his brother at the game against Quincy Crew, but Team Spirit put a tall his campaign in three games.

Evil Geniuses did not pass from the second round of the lower key. Weeks later, Practice announced that he was looking for a team to then finish under the Puppet command. At the same time, such a Fly AFAIK took a step on the side to join Talon Esports.

The new Team Secret will seek to meet the goal of more than 10 years of PUPPET: Be Brampton at The International. While the road still does not begin, the quintet gathered has already been talking about the names that are filed. Specifically, we talk about the following:

Welcome Secret.iceiceice Michał Nisha Minkowski Syed SuM ail SuM ail Hassan Daryl KOH Practice Pei Xians Lazied Vapor Arafat Clement Puppet Ivanov

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Team Secret was a match to get into the grand final against PSG.led, but Team Spirit denied them. The Russian squad was in everyones mouth by defeating the event favorites, taking the Aegis of Champions and 18 MDD.


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