Find Your Next Game: Expo

FINALLY, FANG TIME! Between 10 . And November 25 is called our websites gamester.DE, game pro.DE, mango.DE and on our live-streaming channels Gamester on YouTube and Monsters and Explosions at Twitch Find Your Next Game. This time, the Expo Edition is at which we want to introduce you many new games and partly exclusive gameplay will show from upcoming titles.

We always send Wednesdays and Thursdays live from 16:00 to 22:00.

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Of course, there is also talking crowds and exciting guests again: developers and well-known streamer.

We also have a live podcast once a week with our podcast team and guests to a current topic. In the first week, it s about 10 years Skyrim — the Open World, who changed everything.

In this article, you can now currently find our program plan for the Livestream as well as new game requirements and analyzes of our editors.

Watch SpaceX Launch Crew-3 to the ISS for NASA! Current highlights on Gamester, Gamer and Mango

10 . November

Here you will find exciting game ideas shortly.

The LiveStreaming program of 10.-11. November

On Wednesday, November 10, we have the following program items for you:

16: 00: Warm-up 16: 15 clock: Your topics in the talk 16: 30 clock: Elder Ring Conclusion after 15 hours gameplay

17: 00: Ever space 2 Release postponed, what s coming 2022? 17: 30: Age of Empires 4 How are it now going? 18: 00: The Cycle Frontier What makes the reboot different? 18: 30: Agricultural Simulator 2022 Recent changes before release 19: 00: Your topics in the talk 19: 3 pm: Community game of the year: Death s Door vs. Resident Evil Village 19: 45: Fora Horizon 5 Test Video 20: 00: The Great Lol: Wild Rift Evening


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