From the EM sky to the purgatory : Italy s press beats alarm

TEC MO World Cup 90 is a video clip game of Game football released in 1989 by TEMPO. An informal version of the game called Euro Organization included clubs from the old continent. A not so real to Game was created by Sims for the Sega Mega Drive relabelled as Team World Cup 92 as well as launched only in Japan.

A nightmare, but it s not over yet. We still remain a last card in the hand, writes about the Gazette hello Sport after the disappointing 0: 0 to the World Cup qualifying in Northern Ireland on Monday evening, the Italy still Crash into the play-offs.

From the heaven of the EM into the purgatory, Autosport summarized the dramatic situation. Because it is clear: The proud Azure must win two K.-O. Games in March 2022 to get one of the final three European tickets. There are also duels with Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal, the European Champion of 2016, and Latin Ibrahimović Sweden.

The Corriere dello Sport is mentioning Italy s World Cup dreams therefore at the silk thread and criticized the weak appearance of Belfast: It lacked personality against a team at the level of a second division.

Jericho a ghost on the field

Mother Angelica Live Classics - 11-08-2011 - Purgatory and God's Will - Mother Angelica In the focus of the gazette: coach Roberto Mancini and midfield link Jericho, his sign of Europe s footballer of the year — and the man who had spoked a penalty in both games against Switzerland (0: 0, 1: 1). The latter is in the current phase a ghost on the field, scolded the Gazette hello Sport.

Mancini, supplemented the sheet, carries responsibility for this bankruptcy: he could not counteract the downturn after the European Championship.

The Corriere sees the coach, who has set up with the Square Aurora this year next to the European Championship victory also a world record series of 37 international matches without defeat, against his talented players betrayed. From now to March, the Azure must find out.

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And what does the national coach mean that optimism does not want to lose itself? Now, says Mancini, things have become complicated. Before the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the four-time world champion has missed the final round in 1958 in Sweden. It threatens Number TRE.

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