[Gesta 2021] Gesta d

G-Star will return. Susan is ahead of the country s largest game show G-Star 2021, leading to 21 from tomorrow (17). This Is Game editorial came down to the scene early in the day neutral traveled to the BEX CO one opened the event. The G-Star is planning to proceed, unlike under the old Corona 19 daily stages in recovery situations, relaxing atmosphere.

However, the scene around the journalist was preparing to face the audience enthusiastically. Let s go meet with their appearance. / photo = gimjaeseok journalists, reporters gimseungju = Edit

There is G-Star ad hanging in Handle Beach parking lot.

Games of cacao in charge of the main spawning

saw dipped in cool.

Even Etna G-Star takes the subway ads.

is being moved to walk down the subway.

Golden Boy Flashback: Jorge Linares vs Mercito Gesta (FULL FIGHT) arrived at BEX CO!

G-Star will be held from 17 to 21 days.

Etna stuck Pictures nowhere near BEX CO Hotel

BEX CO proposal in full swing and ready to face the audience.

Slack yet

BEX CO internal passage

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Banners also Etna hanging

Note showroom inside the booth is in full swing for construction finish

I quarantine measures are important.

Press Center can not be other than water, they eat the food provided.

appearance of the press center. Sunday is expected to give an electrolytic vividly the scene in 2021, G-Star this place.

See you in Susan!


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