Halo: No joke - The Master Chief pees in his armor

Tea Bagging is a popular way in first-person shooters to dream his opponents. But if the Master Chief or other Spartans go to the squat, that can also have a very different meaning, as we had to learn now. In the Roman Halo: Grassland is explained why all who wear a Mjölnir armor never need a toilet (via polygon).

So does the master chief his business

Don't Play With Master Chief [Halo SFM]

You will probably have guessed: Yes, the Master Chief pees in his suit. But the fun does not stop. As in the Sci-Fi EPO Dune, the urine is recycled and made to drinkable water. This is disgusting at the same time, but of course practical, if you put in a non-ending battle and can not be out of his suit.

The whole thing is the official canon and confirmed by Franchise Director Frank O'Connor. What happens to feces, however, is not explained, so quietly sets up your own theories.

Another example of how useful body cutoffs can be Death Stranding. Protagonist Sam Porter can not only produce grenades from his urine. The yellow beam even sells the dangerous BTS and shoot mushrooms out of the ground.

The Master Chief about? The hygiene system of Mjölnir armor begins the urine, but does not prevent the chief begins to stink with time. According to O'Connor, the hero makes even pretty bad. After all, he spends days or even weeks in his suit.

The Master Chief comes to television: In the coming year, the halo series will finally be broadcast to circulate the very long rumors. A few days ago, the first teaser trailer appeared to production. Whether we'll see how the Master Chief pees in his suit?

Maybe the Halo Infinite campaign delivers new insights into the hygiene of the Chief?

News to Halo Infinite:

Halo Infinite studio 343 is supposedly secretly working on a halo spinoff Halo Infinite: Loop campaign arrives at the earliest May 2022 and Forge even later Halo Infinite: Battle Pass gets promised revision this week

So it goes with Halo Infinite

The Halo Infinite multiplayer has been available for several days, and because the FREE2PLAY component can be started directly. The first event is already at the start. FRACTURE: Terrie not only brings you a second Battle Pass, but also brings an extremely cool Samurai armor with it.

Unfortunately, we have to wait a bit longer on the campaign. In about two weeks, on December 8, the time has come and the next adventure of the Master Chief is starting. Even if we look at our heroes now with a little different eyes.


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