Halo series: first teaser

For the 20th anniversary of Halo, the first teaser trailer was finally published for the coming Halo series. In it, her master chief see in his legendary suit.

First teaser to the TV series in the Halo Universe

The series The popular Xbox brand Halo shared the same fate as many other video game adaptations for a long time. Because often these will be announced to disappear in the production heights. The work on a halo series was reported for the first time in 2013 — originally with Steven Spielberg on the Regains, now as a producer. Today, the first teaser trailer saws the light of the world.

The first mobility does not take 30 seconds and does not show much. Nevertheless, you can throw a brief look at Master Chief and his legendary suit.

In the teaser you also hear a well-known voice say: Hello, Master Chief. Fans of the games certainly immediately recognize that this is the iconic I Cortana.

More info about the halo series

The first season of the Halo series should have a total of nine consequences; How long the individual sequences take, is still unknown. Master Chief should also be in the Real Series of the protagonist. It is played by the Canadian actor Pablo Schreiber.

Schreiber has already played in some well-known series, including American Gods and Orange is the New Black. The role of the creator of the Spartan soldiers Dr. Catherine Halsey takes over Natascha McElhone. Especially for fans of the games interesting: Cortana is spoken by Jen Taylor, which also gives the I in the games her voice.

Halo the Series | First Teaser | Paramount+ The halo series appears in the US on the streaming service Paramount +. In Germany, Paramount + 2022 will be available via the PAY-TV service Sky. A hook has the whole thing but : Currently it is not yet known when specifically the streaming service will be available. The halo series should already appear in the first quarter 2022. It would be possible that you will be offered in this country similar to Star Trek: Discovery first offered via another streaming service like Netflix.

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