LOL: The great champion created by an artist who wanted to work in Riot and had an unexpected prize

Riot Games is an American video game advancement company based in West Los Angeles. The firm developed the Mob League of Legends published in Europe and The United States And Canada on October 27, 2009. Given that the purchase of the last organization shares in December 2015, Riot Games is a subsidiary of the Chinese Web Team Tencent.

Although the new champions of League of Legends are increasingly complex in terms of their mechanics, many fans have criticized Riot Games because of their lack of creativity when carrying out the designs. With all the characters we have available in the game, some very interesting concepts could have been developed in depth, but there are still a few very little scanned possibilities that the community would want to see in the title. A category in which the elderly heroes stand out, above all.

Where the developer does not arrive if the fans do, who imagine a more diverse League of Legends when they create their own characters. A motivation that led a community creator to be decided by making a hero away from the stereotype of Oven and handsome. The creation of it aimed to be presented to Riot Games and become part of the developer. The prize did not receive it from the company, but the story of it did have a happy ending the most curious way.

Gijón, a champion who caught the attention of the 'ex' of Riot

Being one of the most outstanding characters among those who have created the community, Gijón would be a 58-year-old man from the Sonia region obsessed with tea that uses a spear as a weapon. Surprisingly agile for his age, he would engage this characteristic with the knowledge of him and contact with nature to be a surprisingly offensive champion that seems to fit into the role of Duelist.

The aspect is surrounding interesting and would justify the arrival of him to League of Legends. However, the artist has not wanted to stay alone in the design and she also has imagined what skills could be...:

Passive : With each skill that inflicts damage to rivals, petals falling shields of physical damage when picking up. In case of not picking up immediately, these petals expand by the crack of the invoked. q : Gijón can activate an automatable with additional damage when attacking the same enemy in a consecutive manner. He can reactivate up to three times, being the last one a guaranteed critic. W : He invokes a table with tea that both him and the allies of him can pick up (up to a maximum of three cups). If an enemy hits the table, it is destroyed, leaving it slowly. E : He bursts into the air using his spear, giving a turn-over himself while in the air and inflicting physical damage.

Project L - RiotX Arcane: Epilogue | The Right Foundation R : He channels nature energy and earn offensive and speed bonuses. Each drop in this state increases the duration of the definitive and its attack reach.

A sure you would surely have to make reviews for skills to let go of Gijón's good in League of Legends, you have to remember that these would hardly be the initial ideas of an artist and still have to go through the gameplay department. Despite this, there are very interesting ideas for the champion both in passive and in the E or the R that could give you a unique personality.

Unfortunately for the artist, she was not chosen by Riot Games to become part of the company. However, the story did have a happy outcome anyway. Hidden Leaf Games, a company in which they form some of the most important extrabands in the story of League of Legends, ended up betting on it. Thus, has joined the Demands work team, a future video game created by some of the most talented developers in the history of the Mob.

This champion was created by Kelly Daley and shared five weeks ago in his ArtStation profile


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