PlayStation patent might accelerate switching in between applications and games on PS5

A new PlayStation patent could speed up switching in between apps as well as games on the PS5.

As initially reported by Attack earlier today, a new patent associating with the PS5's UI was just submitted by Sony. According to the original report, it appears as though Sony might be looking into a feature that enables customers to accessibility other apps without even leaving the video game that they're currently playing.

The window can be pinned to the GUI as well as customer control can instantly change to another application, reads a section of the patent application. Upon user input asking for a menu, the menu is presented in a layer over a minimum of a portion of the very first layer of content based upon an implementation of a food selection application, states the patent, further laying out the feasible feature.

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Clearly, it does without claiming that this patent simply describes a possible feature for a Sony-produced console in the future, and doesn't assure anything concrete will come of it. Now, the PS5 enables customers to change between games and also applications with the Switcher feature pinned to the console's job bar, however this proposed feature might present even more layers to the existing framework.

As the original report from Attack directs out, the Xbox One initially used a feature such as this to stream TV as well as music through the special Snap system, yet was eventually stopped because of RAM issues with the base console. Allow's really hope — if this feature becomes a fact — that Sony's console has sufficient RAM to handle the work.

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