Sprint Kings of FC Bayern International only mediocre measure

Bayern Munich: Why Does The Bundesliga Look So Easy To Them? Not only in terms of goal and score, FC Bayern dominates the football Bundesliga again 2021/2022 times. In another statistics today very relevant to the Bayern successing success are the Munich in the Lilienthal Comparison also at the front.

40 goals scored 28 points: FC Bayern makes little doubt about it in the current season, who will stretch the master shell in the sky at the end of the season. Nine times in a row succeeded by the record champion this feat. Another title would mean a record in Europe s top leagues for the Munich.

If you believe a recent study of statisticians of the Lies Football Observatory in Switzerland, is also tempo one of FC Bayern s success secrets. Accordingly, the Bayern stars sprinted 1.85 kilometers per game — more than any other team in the German upper house.

In international comparison, however, this is only enough for the twelfth place for the Bundesliga industry prime.

Leeds United from the English Premier League (2.23 kilometers sprints per game), BSC Young Boys from Switzerland (2.21) and the Dutch first division Sc Camber (2.06) lead the ranking, in which athletic also Bilbao (1.99) as the fifth, the AC Milan (1,91) ranked in place and the AS Monaco (1.89) in ten before FC Bayern.

Bundesliga in international comparison far back

The comparison of the league average values ​​is also found in the Lies survey. This throws no good light on the Bundesliga, which ranks 8.47 kilometers per game only in 20 ranked. On the podium are the Swiss Super League, Spain s La League and the highest Belgian play class.

As a sprint, the Lies evaluated in his study every run of a player with a faster speed than 25.2 km / h.

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By the way: His status as the fastest player of Bayern under powered in the current season once Alphonso Davies, which was flashed with 36.08 km / h LIGNITE therefore ranked three behind Jeremiah St. Just (PSV Mainz 05/36.3 km / h) and Kevin pity (SC Freiburg / 36.37 km / h) occupied.


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