The FC Valencia threatens the financial collapse

08.12.1999 Manchester United 3-0 Valencia 1999/00 Champions League

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The six-time Spanish football master FC Valencia threatens the financial collapse. Twelve years after stopping the construction work for the new Stadium NOU Mentally, the construction and tax authority of the Valencia region instructed the club to submit a financial plan for completion within 90 days. The reporting Spanish media. Valencia has 400 million euros liabilities, of which there are supposed to pay 212 at short notice. 31.2 were newly added in the past season alone. Most recently, the association had received 51 million euros from the company Rights and Media Funding Limited (ROFL) to cover ongoing costs. In 2007, the construction of the arena had begun, which is four kilometers away from the old Mentally. Since 25 February 2009, it has not gone on for financial problems


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