The game with 12 million collected in CF failed and 250,000 yen was scored domestic individual development Batrois Quick on the back side of big failure [Interview]

Unity is a multiplatform computer game engine developed by Unity Technologies. Unity is available as a development platform for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux. The development system has compilation support with various sorts of platforms (see the target platform area). As of its variation 5.4.0 no more allows the development of web browser web content via its web plugin, WebGL is made use of rather. Unity has 2 versions: Unity Professional (Pro) and also Unity personnel.

Battle Royal FPS MUSICAL that Japanese students released on February 23, 2021, were manufactured by individuals.

Unlike the existing Patrols works that remain prolonged the game, it is a work with a unique characteristic that I can freely play within 5 minutes of 1 game (see Mini-In Takes for a detailed game content).

Actually, GAME SPARK was not so bad PV, and there was a reader's attention itself. However, the actual sales seem to be not. On November 21, by the developer, the story that the online FPS game MUSICAL, which has been made for a half and a half year, is posted to NOTE, and there is an analysis of the history and failure why this work was traced It was spelled naked.

So, this time the GAME SPARK editorial department has an interview with a slope (@sakastudio ), a developer of the same work. Failed Various episodes, indie game developers, and what you want to convey to the player.

Game's direction was not fixed but not interesting

— First, please tell us easily about Quick.

Slope to the whole flow of the whole flow, when I saw NOTE, the Future ended June 2020, January 2021, January 2021, January 2021 MUSICAL Saying era was quite different, so I talked about there I think that I want to do it.

Basically, this time was basically, I'm wondering to be invincible transparent and shot one-way or a bad bug, but the direction of the game was not fixed. The fun as FPS is at least a minimum, but there is no more interesting. I was working while I thought it would be what to do.

A major failure that was there is selected. We were working on implementing Japanese style maps, one of the Cloud funding stretch goals from October 2020 in October 2020.

Since I found an asset using Shibuya, I bought it and I should optimize it for the game, I was originally not for the game, and I was able to work on work.

However, the optimization also advanced there is a stable frame rate, and it was faced with the fundamental problem. The problem is that Shibuya is not a map for FPS oriented map (laughs). Scramble intersection (if anyone) isn't it wide? As seen as a map of FPS, that is a fatal.

However, it is possible to remodel Shibuya, at least in September to November, while it is bothered to be a problem that only the scramble intersection must be done from September to November, but eventually I was sorry. The time when Quick is one and a half years, but 2-3 months are interesting to be interesting, and after all, it is a failure of this vagus age It is one of the episodes.

—Do I wondered if it was good if it was good?

The slope, he was a big point that he was too relying on the asset. Asset is surely easy, but instead, the degree of freedom around the map and graphic is overwhelmingly lowered, asset flip (※ Low quality games as much as the game as it is as an existing asset as it is, and a low quality game that collected asset) It will be.

Sometimes I had been playing Raven field etc., Graphic is a minimum even if it's a minimum game, it would be nice if it would be funny. It is also bigger.

But it was difficult for it to be attracting attention from general users. I think that designer thinking such as modeling and crafting technology is absolutely necessary. The gap was not filled to the end, and as a result, the impression of this work has become like a game of asset flip.

The other is that it is better not to try to use an asset that is not for the game for a game. After all, even if it is impossible, it will be modeled by yourself and asked someone to do it, and it was a good time and no longer time, and it's a waste time, and by using an asset, such as the scramble intersection of Shibuya, who spoke It was said that no constraints were born.

I will make Anti-cheat forgiven 250,000 yen

It is another big failure of the sloppy vague era, but I felt Anti-cheat from people overseas around November in 2020.

—I again be heavy.

As the beginning of the slope, the person who produced MOD that improves the footstep of Quick suddenly appeared. This guy is what is this guy! And the community is also a topic.

At that time, the minimum tampering measures of the degree of encryption of a simple program were given, but the person is breached in a margin and made MOD, and it is also created a cheat like a wall hack. We have been in contact with that person with Oops this is bad.

If you can speak Japanese people, those who can speak Japanese while speaking, Your Code is dirty You should study more beautiful code While I do not want to order an antic ht system, was proposed. So he pays 50,000 yen + finished reward of ¥50,000 yen.

If you want to force the use of the uploader that does not remain in file replacement, or say that it would like to pay with PayPal, PayPal is paid with no need, Bitcoin, and it was slightly suspicious at this point from now on. However, the technology seems to be true, including the trigger, and the belly was not replaced, and it was asked under the conditions of the other party.

After that, I asked GitHub to upload progress, and the repository and the chords like it were rapidly uploaded, but the subsequent progress could not be raised at all. When I asked, when I think funny, I thought it was a good feeling! I thought it was Host!.

And a video that allows you to know about somehow that the delivery date was set up, but if you decide again after it's later, you will be judged again, unfortunately, a bit of a video and a lie that messed up a game It seems that it was a fake video that interwoven.

—Do do not actually use the code you have sent?

Slope Sunset He is 4.3 GB, and as a development in Unity, a realistic encrypted file is sent, and I will teach the key to decrypt if payment is paid I was told that I paid a reward. However, the DISCORD account also disappeared and the Twitter account also disappeared, and it is a feeling that the Twitter account also disappeared, and it was cut off.

I thought I was a completely bad story, but I thought it was a fraud that was fully planned. I am really sorry for the supporters, using the money you supported in this way.

1.4 million good, won 5,000 RT and pay attention, and sales are surprising in terms of hourly delivery...

—What if GAME SPARK is an article, the sloping Taiwan's tweets are ¥1.4 million, and I think it's pretty Bozo, but to work now How was the degree of attention?

Sake Take first I was making a video while making it before I was picked up by GAME SPARK. January of January 2020 The game has been games and I will make a STEAM store page and I would like to make a store page, and I will be featured by GAME SPARK, and I feel that it is 5,000 RT when I tweet it.

STEAM ranking was also high, and mini-in-taves have also begun attention, and there were a lot of games screens with the drama Buddy Season 20.

After that, I was able to pick up on the news site when doing the crowdfunding in May, and I was able to get a trial or RT for some famous YouTuber, and I was able to get the second buzz. After the third time, I always give beta participation rights was held around 4,000 RT and also talked about 4,000 RT.

—Although there was a story of the game concept at the beginning, Bozo had a lot of impact on the development of the game due to the attention of the game?

I was himself he was. The number of feedback and bug reports was overwhelmingly increased, and thankfully it was a happy scream.

When I saw --Note, I was busy with the increase in feedback, and I was impressed that I had no longer a margin to look at the concept, but what about it?

I think that there was a certain impact on the slope, but I think it is another problem as it was decided that it was decided that it was decided to be an article, so there is no feeling that the user has increased.

—Sustain Game SPARK has picked up the store page released fun, and it is often new to news, but what do you think about motion by media?

I think that it is a very personal idea that myself is my own personal idea. After all, I'm glad that the game is attracting attention, so thank you very much for the sales growth and the number of Discord servers will increase.

—What was the increase in the number of wish lists and the number of sales after this work has published the store page?

I understand that I can see this graph, but a major increase is occurring twice. When the first time was published the store page and introduced GAME SPARK, the second time has increased at the time of open beta. A little excitement around May 2020 is when you implemented a cloud funding.

Sales data will be here. First 150 sells, there is a wave of around twice about twice. Currently, 922 total sales are sold. Japan is also overwhelming Japan, but it is also purchased from America, China, Russia, Argentina and more.

Sales are about $7700, but it is about $3500 that was actually transferred. The amount actually transferred from STEAM is actually around 50%, but the breakdown

Steam Platform fee 30%

Consumption tax of each country 15% to 20%

Returns 2% to 5%

It is drawn from sales at a rate of about.

By the way, $3500 is a big deal for students' identity...... After a later date, it was 10 yen.

I want you to be aware that developers are also people -Developer and what you want to tell the user

—I, please give me something that you want to tell something against the same indie game developer or player via this experience.

What you want to convey to a slope to a developer, you felt that it was a game's success. I think this is perfect for game development.

So there is a good sense of popularity if you have a good number of people who will buy on the release date, and it will be placed at the top of STEAM sales, and the person who saw it is buying... Circulation is likely to be born. I think that the number of game life cycles (until the game is over) by the first game of the game.

That want to convey to the user is that feedback is very welcome. There is also a will that can not be too helpful during, but, I here is good, this is not as was interesting will be helpful and who can write firmly that such like.

Operation did not know because an important feedback, So also becomes there in increasing the like, such support will put the description, feedback is really appreciated.

After that, if I thought that the game is boring, I think critical reviews may be written. But, we also come with USA' to the heart and is said to be painful because it is human. So, I think that critical when writing a review and us to post also contemplated that the little more developers mental to be thankful Do.

— If is revert is time, do you want to go back to what timing?

Aka studio he is this anymore, I am before you begin the actual development. Also leads to talk about previous asset but, MUSICAL was made using the program asset that contains the basic elements of FPS.

But, I Come to open the lid too low quality of the assets of the code is too, or taken a hand in the modification of the asset itself bug, is really time to read the code when I want to add something at that time to read the half of the additional work time of...... elements became ill code, I have spent a wasted time in more than ease in like circumstances.

So, similarly even though using the asset, I think that I think we became a high-quality Once you have more selection of asset which serves as a base in the early development.

in development new industry-based game for the moorestech

— I was able to hear a very interesting story. So by now carried forward from the story of MUSICAL, I want you to tell me the extent that speak a brief summary of which is currently under development moorestech (Moore stick).

In a nutshell the hill studio concept of this game, you, but is a little niche of mass production element Micro industrial Mod pack. And generally say what kind of games, I think that it has become as close to it if it is possible to imagine a per Factor, Satisfactory or an industry Mod of Micro.

Factor and Satisfactory is there is interested in the main because the construction of a plant or line for mass production, on the other hand Micro industrial Mod The good thing about pack for making the item you want to create...... is that is interesting will continue indefinitely because of to make a machine for making machine.

Make single-mindedly a large amount of intermediate material, and intermediate material Festival and is private to the very interesting what is called, interesting Once you add the element of creating a line for mass production, such as the two works mentioned earlier in this It is not made of, because it has become a development of the theme. While placing the mass production to the main shaft, we have developed with the aim of that intermediate material Festival can enjoy the game of industrial Mod.

— perfection and development period of up to now, I want you to be taught, such as future releases scheduled time.

You have to develop much a little half a year in the hill studio this time, but it is complete is still about 15 percent from 10 percent. In the current plan, we aim to go up to the stage of the minimum play pre-alpha during this year.

After that, we aim to the beta version, the development goes well if early access is bring in much perfection enters the field of view within the next year. And proceed to early access to up to a year and a half later, the official version is the idea, such as Do, or can be after two or three years.

— but until before the release is possible to maintain a degree of attention important was telling me, do you have a plan as what the measures are at work now.

Have as a theme of the development of the hill studio work now because Game Development as a Service. This is a theme that is provided to the user in the game development itself as a service.

Development side, listening to the opinions on the introduction of progress and new elements of the development, that the user side can contribute to the game development and or perform feedback or proposed opinion, the development while the two-way communication that we aim. Moorestech is are we talking about development in the open source, but it is also a part of this.

This work is planning a long-term deployment. So, the fun of the game itself is of course, interesting community also began to form, I think I want gradually expand the user the power of review. In addition, the RT campaign that was successful in the MUSICAL has been wanting to do well this time.

while serving in large companies, want to make even indie

— I understand that the current University of third grade, I think there is desire, such as the future want to enter the game industry.

Aka studio he Yes, we aim to game industry. He while working in the game industry, we would like also to continue the game development in the indie.

— Is it what I feel is as size of the company you want to join.

I think that I want to work in the hill studio big game company. The scale of the big game there is that want to learn there is no appeal and development system only to it, the technology. Simply it is after, is a place called because it is white with a high salary that it is leading (laughs).

Another, because I love to keep over insurance, company working as long as you do not earn a reasonable amount if to live as game developers do not think I quit. If MUSICAL is because about was thinking of going to the absolute company as had been super-hit.

Since to write if become a member of society experience as a member of society to resume, if the future because you can leave the way of even re-employment have failed in something of a chance, go to the leading absolutely off the new graduates card history also because lets insured leaving is one of the reasons why you want to the company worked.

It was issued a passport only to register as a developer in Steam

— it is the first place but, Why did you start a game development.

Aka I studios high school sophomore of time Goat Simulator were playing in love, but if you can not, it means something like the whole city destroyed, it was a comparative dissatisfaction is not Kiowas at most people and cars and accessories.

So it is started when a game that can destroy all the city and terrain began to study the programming, such as Unity from feeling that Na would be interesting if any.

— or programming is learned through self-study?

Aka studio Well, is basically self-taught. The net and this in the main, after is the overseas forum of Unity as a reference, if sometimes really do not know occurs, I feel that asking for advice in a place called Unity developers guild.

— Do you have any episode was tough in the neighborhood?

Aka studio I may also be referred to students, it is necessary to obtain the cooperation of the parent upon absolutely game sales, but I was talking about that you want to developers registration of Steam, at the time in nearly year-end test one not to since the end times year-end tests? I was told.

But No, do you want! Now while also studying to say that, developers registration of Steam was also done in parallel. Year-end test even without that particular Aka ten, it takes a decent score.

— but it is a great story medium's me, Mom, Steam because we want to sell the game to help if good test procedures at the (overseas).

Aka studio By the way, at that time because my number card probably was still not issued a passport just to take a Steam developer account as identity card. You also have now, it is not even been to travel abroad once (laughs).

--thank you. But I felt as we hope to act as a still indie developers to see the remarks on Twitter, the last on how continue to act as the future indie developers, let me know if there are any vision I want to me.

Aka studio First, about the next five years because we want to continue to the moorestech to the long-term title If you do continue, we believe that.

Since it referred to as a make your own spear want the game is an axis in my indie game development, we want to also continue to make future without blurred.

--thank you very much.


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