YouTube disappears the Dislikes Public Accountant

A few months ago, YouTube carried out an experiment by which they stirred the public visibility of Dislikes in the videos. Well, it seems that this experiment threw very good results since today, this new function will be implemented within the platform.

Through a shared statement on your official blog, YouTube announced that from today it will no longer be possible to see the amount of dislikes that the videos have, except for content creators.

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As part of this experiment, the spectators could still see and use the Dislike button. But because the accountant was not visible to them, we discovered that it was less likely to give him dislike to a video alone to increase the amount. In short, our experiment showed that there was a reduction in Dislike attacks. We also hear from small channels that were starting and that they were unjustly attacked by this behavior — and our experiment confirmed that this effectively occurs in greater proportion in these small channels.

Based on what we learned, we will be doing the private dislike meter on YouTube, but the button will not disappear. This change will begin to be implemented today gradually.

YouTube removes the public dislike counter

As it mentions YouTube, it will still be possible to dislike a video, only that you can no longer see how many dislikes you are unless you are the author of that material.

Editor s note: Well, it will be a matter of time to see how good reception this new system has among users. The truth is that I do not see any reason why this should generate controversy, but the Internet always ends up surprising.


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