After Zwayer statements: What Bellingham now threatens

The Belgian, at that time in the services of VFL Wolfsburg, had a ball boy of Frankfurt Contract had spent the Belgian. The DFB Sports Court also punished de Bruce with a fine of 20,000 euros, which is likely to be the maximum for an offense of a single actor until today. The reason: Onscreen behavior in the form of a crass of sporty behavior. It should be in the same direction now at Bellingham.

He had criticized referee Felix Player after the 2-3 defeat in the top game against Bayern with the words: You give a referee who has ever shifted a game, the largest game in Germany. What should you expect?

Jude Bellingham questions referee appointment for Borussia Dortmund v Bayern Munich Lock possible, fine realistic

The fact that the 18-year-old spoke in the fire former after the lost game could be sexually mitigate to him, as well as that Player had presented a poor performance. But that he — despite Players's prehistory — insulinumes a manipulation, will be followed for the 18-year-old. For unsportsome behavior, the legal and procedural order even provides blocks of up to six months. At Bellingham, it is certainly about a much shorter period. Not excluded that he comes away with a (high) fine. Much will also depend on its opinion, to which the DFB control committee will call.

Criminal charges against Bellingham

With regard to the ordinary jurisdiction, a criminal complaint has apparently been placed against the BVB professional for insult, evil reclaiming and slander, and by the DFB referee observer Marco Haas, who operates in the Association Referee Apprentice of the Lower Saxony Football Association.

Haas explained to the general newspaper of the Lundberg Heath: These statements make all the impartial up to the base on the circle level, the week for the week are traveling and ensuring that the game operation is maintained, and it is fair on our sports fields.

Hawses Display is therefore directed against the former top referee Manuel Graph, who had decisively uncovered the Holder scandal, to critically see Player's role since then and expressed this accordingly. Haas, so he explained, have submitted the advertisement as a private person. This coincides with the information of the DFB, which declared the ball boy: DFB had no knowledge of the supposed criminal complaint of Mr. Haas and has only learned from the reporting today.

Ten minutes of reflection time had scheduled Player on Saturday night — (sports) Legally considered the top game goes into the extension.


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