Amazon deletes a popular class at the MMORPG LOST ARK

The MMORPGs Ark Summoner is to release in Europe and North America without the class appear: The Summoner were players in Europe and North America while playing in the beta already and the class was popular, but the release will not be playable. The class will be replaced by the Sorceress.

What is a bit complicated with classes in Lost Ark It is?:

Lost Ark 2021 First Impressions In the current Korean version of Lost Ark there are 6 different basic classes and 22 Advanced Classes — these are the classes that you then really does. There is the warriors, for example, four different variants. This also has to do with the Gender lock While here in Europe there is a warrior for example, which you can play as a woman and man, without anything changes the gameplay, MMORPG developers would in South Korea two create different classes that are similar, but the gameplay somewhat but differentiated For release in Europe and North America Lost Ark will start with 15 of the 22 classes. The 15 classes are not evenly distributing the six main classes: There are about four different variations of martial artist, but only two magicians and no Specialist. The selection of classes has now been changed.

Who flies out? How Lost Ark announced on December 2, to the class Summoner from the release in 2022 take out (via lost ark) is. The class is to come later.

The Summoner we have described Mango as one of our recommendations for an entry into Lost Ark. The Summoner can summon creatures and perform through it several strong attacks.

The class is aimed at much damage, but does not think much of. It is however not a classic Pet class as in other players because the entreaties are not fighting on their side, but disappear after their attack.

Why hurts their loss? In a survey the most popular classes in beta, Summoner with 10.4% was the most popular class on Mango and also in the community of Gamester she was ahead.

By whom it is replaced? Amazon brings the Sorceress for release into play. The sorceress is a classic magician who uses magic area.

Amazon brings the newest class from Korea

Why is Amazon that? Amazon says you have changed the starting lineup, so you for every taste has. The Sorceress is the latest class in Lost Ark. She came in August 2021 the Korean version of the game, and you are glad to be able to share with his players.

How is the discussion ? People on Twitter are simply confused. Because they see no reason a class to be removed, just because one brings in another. Especially players who have fallen in love with the beta in the Summoner, the decision of Amazon can not understand.

If it's for the people going on Twitter, Amazon could simply increase on 16th The felt simply forced to.

It is believed the Summoner was first put cold, so Amazon still has time to change a few glitches or problems.

A release date for Lost Ark is unfortunately still not known.

Last that Amazon features from Lost Ark has been criticized from:

YouTuber says Amazon censored and changed MMORPG Lost Ark strong in the West


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