Analysis: Two values that show where it is at Gladbach

Missing trust in your own skills, lack of coach specifications, anxious behavior in the square: Sport director Max Ebert wondered on Saturday itself a bit, as Vacant Borussia Mönchengladbach slipped into a crisis, which last in three games with a total of 14 Going expressed.

Under the Gladbacher professionals, however, another bad feeling could have spread and solidified: that their opponents succeed pretty much everything in front of the gate, however, sometimes little. In any case, these are the blatant findings when examined the data of the previous Gladbacher season.

Excellent with the BVB? After twelve match days not utopian

Playback's crisis is also an efficiency crisis. After twelve matches, i.e. last of the three classless defeats, the Russia after Goals standards would have to be part of the top group for Goals standards with the actual table-second Borussia Dortmund: In nine of these games she had a better value than her opponent, only five of them won her However, really.

If you only consider the gates scored after 15 match days, no Bundesliga club is so inefficient like Playback. The element of coach ADI Hunter hit the 19 times — at 26.6 Goals. Nobody has such a thick minus (-7.6). It is followed by Wolfsburg (-7.4) and Bielefeld (-4.5; each before the 16th match day), while Bayer Leverkusen (+9,6) stands at the other end of the scale.

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The Playback's problems ensure that at the same time their counterparties make much more out of their opportunities than the Goals value could expect: the foals conceded with 28 the third-party goals at the first 15 match days, but are only at the goals after Goals at 22.7 and thus likewise on the eighth place. A greater discrepancy between actual and anticipated goals (4.3) have only Bertha (5.1) and Fürth (11.9).

Nobody concludes from a shorter distance as Playback's opponent

It is also noteworthy that the Playback opponents have the lowest weighing distance of all teams (13.7 meters on average) and Playback to Bavaria (207) has blocked the second least shots (224). For each opposing shot, the Russians allow an average of 0.14 goals, which has top only forth (0.17).

Minus 7.6, plus 4.3: The Gladbachern therefore lacks obviously from both goals dramatically to consequence (a little but certainly the necessary happiness). Example Freiburg: At the 0: 6 home swatter, the KG value of the guests was just 1.7, the Gladbacher at 1.3. But instead of celebrating a tight 2: 1 victory, the SC brought almost every shot in the gate. It was similar to the 1: 4 in Cologne (1.1 vs. 1.7).

It is the trend of the last three games: Playback worsened his own (1.33; instead of 1.92 on average of the first twelve gaming days) and opposing kg value (2.73 instead of 1.23) clearly clear, goalkeeper Yann summer Instead of previously 63 only parishes 43 percent of the degrees on his goal. That he was still by far from Best Gladbacher against Leipzig (1: 4) on Saturday (Eberl wondered note 2), shows how seriously the situation with the foals is just before Christmas.

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