Black desert, new area of snowstorms 'Endless winter mountain' added

Part, Bis announced on 29th, the Black Desert 6th new area 'Endless Winter Mountain' was presented.

Endless winter mountains have special devices, including monster summoning interactions, which were unable to see, as a fountain conservation area where the eyes are stacked. You can use it to enjoy a more comfortable hunting, and you can apply a variety of devices that meet monster properties.

Mountain Of Eternal Winter Update Preview - Elite Monsters - New Items & More  - Black Desert Online

In addition, it is characterized that both new users and existing users can enjoy. The first time you start the black desert or a new character, you can enjoy a new story by choosing an endless winter mountain in addition to the existing starting point.

On the other hand, the new boarding period 'Mong Among Meal Alpaca' acquired event also opens the new boarding period of the new board from the Calpain banquet. Users can receive Alpaca by delivering the ice fishing through ice fishing in the Tranquil Sam area near the Vale nos Mountains by January 12th. 'Mongolic Monger's Alpaca' is a Shay class.

For more information on black-desert updates, see the game official website.


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