BVB talent in focus: Why Julian Rijkhoff no chance in the professional

Julian Kickoff is currently guaranteed in the U19 selection of Borussia Dortmund. Speedy tranvan Basten to the BVB professionals still appears unlikely.

When the U19 juniors of Borussia Dortmund won on the weekend with 9: 1 against Fortuna Düsseldorf, a player was particularly focused: Julian Kickoff. Finally, the 16-year-old succeeded in the home game against the Rhineland a five-pace, which caused a lot of headlines.

Only last January the BVB Kickoff had started for 130,000 euros from Ajax Amsterdam. A change that was quite critically rated in the Netherlands.

I think that's very bad management. The Redivide is the best competition for this type of player, orange legend Marco van Fasten's decision Kickoff's decision at Ziggy van Basten.

Accordingly, for players like Kickoff, the domestic essential is the better option, explained van Fasten. All the guys who sought the way in the strangers in the past are no longer on the radar. Therefore, it is unwise, the European champion from 1988 warned the young attacker before the move to Germany.

Julian Kickoff at BVB with a good interim balance

Julian Rijkhoff - Welcome To Borussia Dortmund - Skills & Goals - 2020/2021

But at least in the young team of black-yellows, Kickoff can previously claim. In the U19 selection of coach Mike Tull berg, the center tower is set. His balance: extraordinary. In 18 competitive games Kickoff reach 15 goals and four templates.

Speedy tranvan Basten to the professionals, however, appears unlikely (still) unlikely. Finally, BVB coach Marco Rose with Steffen Tinges and Yousuf Mouton are available two backups for Forager Erlang Haaland. Especially Mouton, which is just about two months older than Kickoff, has been considered the Giant Talent for years.

So far, the German U21 national player in BVB has to be satisfied with short-instructions. At the end of October, van Basten Image reported on Mouton's dissatisfaction with the reservoir roll. That the BVB Mouton with Kickoff provides another competitor to the side, may therefore be more than doubted.

BVB impressed Julian Kickoff's family

Rather, the Butcher should initially be continued for the U19 and subsequently collect first professional experiences at the Dortmund er third ligament team. According to Kickoff's consultant Dick Van Buried, the BVB pursues a clear plan at offensive talent.

How well the BVB already knew him how he wants to evolve him and how convinced he is of him — all that made great impression on Julian and his parents, the player's agent Kickoff's change to the Westphalia against Image.

In his first months in Dortmund, the attacker showed the great talent in it. Especially the pronounced Correcter speaks for the Dutch. To a large professional career Kickoff must take many hurdles.

The BVB should be 16-year-old but well canceled. After all, the Dortmund has shown in the past that they can carefully build young talents.

Jannie Tube


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