Eintracht Frankfurt: Daichi Kamada feels not so loved

At its top values ​​from the preseason, Dacha Ramada 2021/2022 is not yet approaching Frankfurt. One reason for this was the coach change of ADI Hunter to Oliver Glaser, who caused start-up difficulties to the entire team. In addition, the Japanese did not always feel enough conservation.

Even after twelve Bundesliga games Dacha Ramada is still waiting for his first goal of the season. In the meantime, the playmaker had even lost his regular place. Totally surprisingly, this development came for the 25-year-old but not.

I have already expected in summer that we are standing before a difficult season. That has also shown our start, Ramada explained in the interview with the Hessenschau.

In the meantime, however, the SGE had found footballer and could again seek international places, the potential is definitely present, the national player emphasized.

Most recently, Contract won three league games in series. According to Ramada, the result of a learning process: The coach has understood in which framework the team is most strongly. And we understand better and better what he wants to see from us.

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Eintracht Frankfurt: Ramada feels not so loved

UNCLOS Happy Ramada is not despite the recent positive trend. This is also related to public duration criticism of its services.

If I fly home to Japan, my parents show me how critical the articles are partly, the midfielder betrayed. He is aware that his playing way in the Frankfurt fanum field is rather critical.

Worse, I know myself, that I'm not so loved footballer from the fans. But that's another thing. With the teammates, the relationship is good, but from outsiders I will not be so loved.

There hardly surprises that Ramada asks questions about his future at Contract. His working paper on the Main runs 2023.

I currently have no contact with my player consultant, so I do not know if there are inquiries. But I do not have a need to talk about it with him, blocked the creative player.


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