Halo: New teaser for series, trailer at the Game Awards

HALO || “First Look” al Trailer Oficial There are a few new pictures from the Halo series. More delivers the Game Awards on Friday.

Yesterday we have already reported on the teaser for the new game ARC Raiders, from which it will give more on Friday with the Game Awards more. Paramount is now the same way, only the Hollywood studio does not logically advertise a game in the award ceremony. It is not about any series, but — as you already remove the headline — the adaptation of Halo. A really very, very short taste There was already at the Microsoft Livestream for the 20th anniversary of the Xbox. A few seconds more shows the new teaser that Paramount released on Twitter.

In the 15 seconds short clip, scenes from a large hangar can be seen in which Spartans are ready for a mission. That's it. There are more only with the Game Awards, whereupon the video also shows great and wide. The event starts from a German point of view Friday night at 2 o'clock. If you want to track the event live, so either put your alarm clock (and accordingly go to bed early) or just off the night from Thursday to Friday just completely to sleep.

The Halo series is announced for the spring of 2022 and will then be seen on Paramount +. There are not the service in Germany so far, but it should come to us next year — both as an independent service and as an additional offer at SKY. The Halo series rotates about the conflict between the people and Covenant in the 26th century and exactly as in the games is John-117 Alias ​​of the Master Chief in the Mittelpunt. In the iconic green armor, Pablo Schreiber slips, which is known from Orange Is the New Black and American Gods. Natasha McElhone ( The Truman Show, Cali fornication ) plays Dr. Catherine Halsey and as Cortana can be heard in the English original Jen Taylor, which the I also lends her voice in the games.


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