How to capture Gothita in Pokémon Go

A new Pokémon arrives at Pokémon Go from the Nova region, and it's Gothic. They are debuting in the game and come from the fifth generation of Pokémon, black and white games. It is published at the same time as the Psychic spectacular event, and you can start meeting them as soon as it was launched. Gothic has two evolutions: Authority and Gothitelle.

The Psychic Spectacular event starts on March 27 from 8:00 in your local time zone. When this happens, you can freely meet a Gothic in the wild as you would for any other Pokémon. You also have the potential for hatching from a 2-kilometer egg, among many other Psychic Pokémon that are presented in this event. You can even spot a Gothic as a raid in one of the gambling gyms, to which you can participate to try to capture it.

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After the event, Gothic will remain in the game. You can continue capturing it as you usually would, but you will only be able to hatch from 5 kilometers eggs, advancing. The Psychic Show event ends on March 20th at 22:00 in your local time zone. It may be more difficult to meet, because the types of lights will have an increased number of appearances during the event, so be sure to walk around the beaches and meadows. However, you can only meet Gothic than the night in nature. You will not be able to find one during the day. His best sets of movements include book and psychic or confusion and psychic. Alternatively, you can replace psychic by steam in one or the other choice.

Gothic is released alongside his counterpart, Solos is. Both are psychic type. Solo is only available during the day, while Gothic is only at night.


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