Irres race on stage seven

With 14 hits each year, two actors are at the top of November, but in the overall ranking of their stages, however, do not play a major role in the overall ranking of their stages: Anil Fuel from the Bremen Vain Fums United has swelled in league eleven after all in 43 (eleven games, 26 goals). Farm Behave from FC During from Berlin, jumps in Lisa ten rank 41 (eleven games, 27 goals total).

In the fight for the Bremer Verein cannon, the two can probably have no words. At Level ten there were two dominators — and a change of leadership: Alexander Stolon (Macedonia Stuttgart) has overtaken Burman Bay at. Stolon, which is located throughout Germany across all classes with already 63 goals from 14 lots in front, now has four goals lead in the same number of games four goals in front of his sharpest counterparty Bay at. Also in Lisa Elf seems a duel to tighten the cannon: Fabian Amend (48 goals, sports fans Seinfeld) and Sasha Piece (47 goals, star Marienfelde) are clearly leading to the rest of the field.

Harris dominates five in league

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A look at the rest of the Tableau brings more insights: for example, that Martin meets Harris and meets and hits. With 25 goals from 15 games in the overall ranking of the Fifth Linen Germany, the ex-professional stands at the top. Alone in the three Oberlin games in November, the 34-year-old net for his Tu's Dusseldorf eight times. With a gate more, but also a game less, Harris performs the ranking in front of the rivals from the Bremen league, Damien Safe. An interesting man is found in rank five again: also in the Bremen league, with the third representation of the SV Welder, Oriyama NAO kicks. The team of the 24-year-old Japanese is in the middle of the relegation battle, but NAO alone has scored 21 the 37 goal of the season.

In league six leads a man from the Bandandliga Hesse SUD the tableau: Linus Healing storms for leaders SV Unterflockenbach, comes after his four-paced from the 18th match day to 26 goals from 18 games. He has three goals lead in front of Michel Janis from FC Holzhausen (Associationsliga Württemberg). Under the top-10, however, two actors who can show even better cut: in third place approximately is Theo Schröder from the Eimsbütteler TV listed, which comes in the Bundesliga Hamburg 3 hitherto on over two hits per game (nine games, 19 Gates). Ranked six is ​​a man from the national league Ammonia 2. His quota: 2,12 (eight games, 17 goals).

Noteworthy is further the situation open stage seven : Okay with 32 goals from 17 games are Amalia Singh (Contract Northern) and Martin Raming-Freeesen (SV Happen II). The curious thing: There is Germany-wide 201 leagues seven on stage seven — but Singh and Raming-free kick both in the same, namely the district league Reserves 3. The head-to-head race in the local scorer will probably also become the Head-to-head race around the Bremer Verein cannon. Clear seems the situation in league eight : Simon Fischer from the TSV Staffelstein leads with five hits before Sven Heinz from SV Blenheim. In Stage nine, Villein Islam (Viktoria Kelsterbach) has snapped the leadership of Dominic Meyer (SV Saurabh). Both attackers only disconnect a gate.

Violence Ben eke in November Front

In the women starch in November Virginia Ben eke: 16 more hits reach the (attacker) of the FC Oberneuland there, in the ranking of the sixth league she jumps ranked five (28 goals from seven games). A rank in front of her — with the actually incredible cut of almost ten hits per game — Janine Hauler is from FC Spare 09 (29 goals from three games). But with 32 goals from twelve games Alina Marie leads from TSV Solingen.

It goes exciting in the other stages: In Level three about separating one and five only one goal: leader is currently Marine Kernel (Us Upper), which has used for its 14 gates twelve lots. The first pursuer is Sarah Abu Sabbath, who needed 14 lots for the same number of hits 14 lots and thus has to look at the quota. On Level four Next Hannah Pauline dominates the Tableau — with 32 gates from 12 lots is currently eleven goals in front of the sharpest opponent. Level Five sees a duel between Anne Lambert (27 goals, blue-yellow Berlin) and Nadine domain (26 goals, Viktoria Cottbus), Level Seven is then with six players only in the first places Separate five hits, again more open: With eleven hits in November, Main Schooner (SV Mülheim-Raidt) hugged into two rank twos.


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