LOL: China welcomes its own all

Riot NO, don't say it... (Preseason 2022) Original text too short.

The cancellation of LASAll-Star this year has not saddened to the community and Riot Games should ask the right questions, this fun tournament is declining and the Western public is struggling to get on the train of the advertising hype. However, this trend should moderate when we look at what is happening in the East: in China, the format is still very popular, especially because the region won the world this year with EDGE, and this same purpose Weekends, fans will have many options to choose from with the LPL All-Star Event.

The SOLOING CHALLENGE: Who will be the best in 1V1?

Bin vs light LAMAO VS GALA Shanks vs Andre Zhao vs Boy

We really want to see what it does bin, vicecampeon of the world with tuning in 2020, but we do not know if it will be enough to compete with Flanders, in full confidence after its world champion title this year.

The party of legends: full of veterans, but I do not expect

Red Equipment: Xizang, Queue, God, SLZ, PBL Blue equipment: Flanders, Soft, Zz1tai, Kryst4L, Audio

Among the legends, we will still find players that are still active as Andre (again) and Soft. On the other hand, we are a bit disappointed not to see Uzi, but may be a good sign that suggests a future return to competition.

The rookie challenge: the struggle of the most novels of the league

Icon: Deny, Run, Shanks, Kepler, On

Jackal team: Initial, Flora, Xiao Xiao, LPC, Zhao

It is possible that these players do not sound much, but you may know any of your name in the coming years.

The main event: the party of the stars

Make Team : bin, Wei, icon, gala, make (coach Mackie) Jaime Team : ALE, Jaime, Scout, Jackal, Ming (TAKE trainer)

It is difficult to know who to bet, but the huge level we will see will be there in any case and see make and scout in a different team awakens our curiosity to see the confrontation between them. Jaime will also be there and the only world champion that will miss this year's party will be the Korean shooter Viper.



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