Nintendo Switch - FESTATION OFFERS: secure up to 75% off many games [advert]

The Nintendo shop started his holiday offers. By the 30th of December, you will get a lot of games for Nintendo Switch significantly cheaper, including both large AAA hits and small indie insider tips. In this article we present you ten of the highlights. The overview of all offers can be found here:

Nintendo Switch: To the festive offers in the Nintendo shop

Among us

The Indie title Among Us is one of the largest multiplayer hits of recent years. It is a so-called Social Deduction Game. Four to fifteen players in need of fulfilling tasks on a space station to survive. The problem with this: at least one person from the group tries to sabotage the efforts of others or simply murder them. If a murder victim is discovered, the group can vote who holds for the killer and throw it from the space station. If she decides wrong, an innocent dies. This leads to many interesting discussions full of lies and mutual accusations.

Among US instead of €4.29 for €3,43 in the Nintendo shop

Mario + Rabbis: Kingdom Battle

In Mario + Rabbis: Kingdom Battle join Mario and his friends with the rabbis from Ubisoft to rescue the mushroom kingdom together. In round-based tactics in the style of an COM, the group sets up numerous enemies. You have to exploit the special skills of each individual character smart and combine with each other if you want a chance. In addition, one explores four colorful and varied game worlds, solves small puzzles and finds treasures. Mario + Rabbis: Kingdom Battle always scores through its humor and the driving soundtrack. In addition to the single player, there are also local co-op.

Mario + Rabbis: Kingdom Battle instead of €39,99 for €14,79 in the Nintendo shop

2 Huge DLC Releases Are Coming To Nintendo Switch This Week Cup head

Cup head is at first glance by his fantastic style design in the style of a cartoon of the 30s. We play a cute figure that has a mug and beyond a serious problem as a head: to settle debts at the devil, she must collect for him the souls of sinners. Much of the game consists of boss fighting against just those sinners, including a huge carrot, a fairer clown, a dragon and a mermaid with tentacle hair. The gameplay often resembles a bullet light shooter. But there are also classic Jump & Run sections. On request, the entire game can be denied in the local co-op.

Cup head instead of €19.99 for €13,99 in the Nintendo shop

Just dance 2022

In November, JUST DANCE 2022 appeared the most recent part of Ubisoft's popular dance game series. This offers 40 new tracks, including Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Ciara and Imagine Dragons. Through the contained propionate at Just Dance Unlimited you can also use 700 more songs. Just Dance 2022 offers various modes, for example the sweat mode with which your own workout program can start and burn plenty of calories. But you can also trade in the local multiplayer your dance skills with those of your friends, or you dance online on the World Dance Floor together with around the world.

Just Dance 2022 instead of €59.99 for €40.19 in the Nintendo shop

Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania revives the classic 2D-Jump & Runs from Sega. At first glance, the graphic style is hardly distinguished from that of the early parts of the series. With closer inspection, of course, many technical improvements are recognized, such as the animations and the frame rate. Given the break-breaking tempo, with which the blue hedgehog races through the levels, the liquid 60 fps are a true pleasure. The gameplay Sonic Mania has taken some of the most popular elements of the old parts, but also offers its own ideas. At the levels, a kind of best of the early Sonic games is also offered, whereby there are also transformed versions and a few new areas next to the old levels.

Sonic Mania instead of €19.99 for €9,99 in the Nintendo shop

Overcooked! 2

Overcooked! 2 is a chaotic co-op game, in which up to four players are in common a restaurant. It is not about management, but about mastering the hectic kitchen life. Only if we spread all the tasks from the vegetable cutting over the meat roast to to dishwash and work well, we can satisfy our impatient clientele and crack the high score. Compared to the first part there are a few new gameplay ideas. So we could now throw up ingredients across the kitchen. Also, new are the dynamically changing levels in which we cook for example on two side by side on a river driving boats.

Overcooked! 2 instead of €24,99 for €6.24 in the Nintendo shop

Dragon Ball Fighter

The Fighting Game Dragon Ball Fighter opens perfectly the template: although the characters are 3D models, the look is hardly distinguishable from the anime model. Also, playfully Dragon Ball Fighter has a lot to offer. In addition to the usual combos and special attacks, the TAB TACTIC DEP TEAMS. To counter the attacks of our opponent, we always have to change the right character at the right moment. Thanks to skilled color coding, the combat events remain well readable for newcomers. Although the heart of the multiplayer is, there is a solo campaign in which we determine the way to the final boss itself.

Dragon Ball Fighter instead of €59,99 for €9.59 in the Nintendo shop

Ni no Zuni: the curse of the white queen

Ni No Zuni is a Japanese role-playing game where we as Oliver travel to a parallel universe full of magic to save our mother. For this we have to defeat a bad wizard and his monsters. Fortunately, Oliver gets the magical powers he develops, as well as other characters to help him join him in the course of his journey. The combat system blends real-time and round-tactics: Although we can move freely, but selecting an action or attack is frozen. In addition, Oliver has to solve numerous puzzles, which sometimes lead him back into their own world. The story is told in spectacular intermediate sequences in anime style.

Ni No Zuni: The curse of the White Queen instead of €59.99 for €11.99 in the Nintendo shop

Borderlands Legendary Collection

The Borderlands Legendary Collection contains the Game of the Year Edition of the First Borderland and Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Prequel and various add-ons. The Borderlands games are First-person shooter in the colorful comic look, where their extensive areas can explore on the distant planet Pandora and its moon Ellis. Similar to RPGs in the styles of a Diablo, the search for ever better equipment and more fatal weapons is in the foreground, also different character classes with individual skills are available. The series is also famous for their sloping figures and the abundant macabre ne humor. You can not only play alone, but also for two in the split screen or fourth in online co-op.

Borderlands Legendary Collection instead of €49,99 for €19,99 in the Nintendo shop

Marvel's Guardian of the Galaxy: Cloud Version

In Marvel's Guardian of the Galaxy, we are experiencing as a captain Peter Star-Lord Quill Adventure in the universe and on a variety of strange planets, and we are mostly accompanied by our colorful team. The numerous witty and well-sounded dialogues between the team members bring the humor of the comics and films excellently over, and the game has a spectacular staging with many cinematic scenes to offer. In the fighting, we not only control Peter Quill, but also solve the special attacks of the other team members. The cloud version can only be played by online streaming. So you need a good and stable internet connection.

Marvel's Guardian of the Galaxy: Cloud Version instead of €69,99 for €45,49 in the Nintendo shop


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