ORCS MUST DIE! 3, Tier List of the best endless traps

Check out our list of top tier traps for mode No End of the game Orcs Must Die! 3. The tower defense offers a wide range of traps, and it is important to choose to advance your various traps to succeed the highest scores in endless mode. So you can find our explanations to find what are the best traps but also find effective combinations to achieve good scores and ride waves on MDG3.

Note, therefore, that this ranking takes into account the Endless game mode. Indeed, that game mode requires traps capable of answering a number of increasingly important of orcs on each wave but also to issues of scaling. We will also provide a list of the best traps for the campaign mode.

Regarding our ranking, we consider that the more tier, the higher it is important and regular use of this trap in your rotation beginning of each game. Thus, a trap tier S will almost all usable and necessary time, regardless of the card, while those listed below are rather situational traps.

Update : A day of Thursday, December 9, traps and weapons DLC Cold as eyes are present.

The ranking was made by a player with experience in Endless mode with more positions in the top of the rankings in solo and co-op on MDG3. Traps and weapons in bold will be a more detailed analysis.

Tier S, the best traps

Traps and weapons listed here are the best in the game Orcs Must Die! 3 for Endless fashion since they are almost indispensable on most cards.

Magic Longbow Charging bauble Barricade Eater arrows Butterfly Window Laser ceiling Tar Mare Scepter domination

Barricade : The game requires almost every card use barricades to concentrate the flow of different waves in the same area. Thus, it is almost impossible to succeed without using parts barricade and only 2-3 cards can be played optimally without. Furthermore, it is even possible to play with two types of evolution barricades at the same time two players, in order to increase profitability on price but also on your flexibility mazes.

Mare tar : It is difficult to do without this trap because the tar Mare is effective on all cards by adding an extremely important control: a slowdown. Besides the ability to slow the movement of orcs, Mare will also promote the bumps in the vacuum via the flap trap since the slowdown improves the efficiency of the screening.

Scepter domination: Probably the best weapon on the long parts of the Endless mode, the scepter of domination is however not the most powerful in terms of damage. However, the benefits are numerous scepter while the DPS of your weapon will be less and less interesting as and as the wave number increases. Thus, the scepter of domination poses a rebuff arcane, cash in your total combos, in addition to allowing a mind control of a target via the secondary action, for net stop an orc and often make it do turn around.

Tier A, the effective traps in most situations

If the previous tier represents traps and weapons almost indispensable in Endless mode, this list is very powerful equipment in specific cases but especially effective in most situations.

Snow gun Wall Charger Freezing Bombs barrels dispenser Confusion Flower Geyser acid Incinerator ground Launcher saw blades Arrows Wall Or molten Flap trap Sulfur

Snow Canon: Canon Snow is probably one of the nicest traps see run his jet screws through the hallways and large rooms. If the improvement in acid damage is almost useless, the basic version allows freezing more remote targets, making a real stopper of orcs!

Starter saw blades : Players often forget that crowd control traps are not enough to kill the orcs after several waves. Thus, the pitfalls of DPS are equally important, and we recommend the use of saw blades Launcher in your Endless parties. Indeed, with a relatively limited location, often combined with other wall traps, blades do a great job. Prefer improvement with DOT rather than the explosion.

Fade Or: The new trap DLC Cold as eyes, molten gold has many advantages that make it a very good option in Endless mode. For starters, the ceiling trap is very profitable because it costs only 500 rooms while allowing to obtain very regularly return parts. This allows fund faster your upcoming traps via a regular source of parts. In addition, the trap has no maximum range for use on high ceilings. Finally, the relatively long activation time makes it a very versatile option and therefore applies additional combo on a majority of the orcs of a wave. However, its damage is limited, which explains its ranking in A rather than S.

Tier B, strong enough traps in specific situations

We list here the traps that will be strong enough via associations traps or in very specific situations. Thus, you will not use these traps on some maps or only in a specific strategy.

10 Trap Combos That Cause Endless Orc Suffering - Orcs Must Die 3 Amulet Ice Stone Stick Bruiser Shock Destructor Dragon Arcane Wall Blades Metronome Mass Pious trap gravity Pillar Arm guard joggles Blunderbuss Band saw

Dragon Arcane One of the nicest traps on the design aspect, the Dragon Arcane is unfortunately very specific in its use. Indeed, the latter is mainly interested in that it can be used over long distances, but every detail in its path will change course. Thus, only a few cards (such as Zigzag or side entry) allow to actually use this trap.

severity Pillar: Pillar of gravity is an interesting trap in certain card where the ceiling is too high to enable traps like Spitting darts. In addition, it can cut a bit the rhythm of the waves or even sorting between small orcs and bigger. However, interest is rapidly limited since the majority of cards have to be able to combine with other pillar traps to really justify its purchase.

Bandsaw An interesting but pricey trap, the band saw is a solution to bring an effect of ice if the ceilings are too high (or absent) and the walls are rare. However, 750 credits, the trap is relatively expensive for a long CD (7 seconds) to as much as the entire area is activated once, sometimes limiting the number of affected orcs.

Tier C unviable options, more fun than effective

If it is possible to achieve good scores with those weapons and traps, other options are better for a similar effect.

Ring storms Ceiling Aplatisseur Crossbow Bauble thirst MANA Automatic Ballista Stick lightning chain Stick Arcane Baton Blade crusher Vial of Alchemist Flamethrower Peak Wall Push Look cyclops

Crossbow : The Crossbow is not a bad weapon, but its damage is too irregular and limited to really make a difference at a high level. You quickly find yourself unable to finish a mountain troll despite the obvious interest of its secondary attack.

Automatic Ballista: On paper, the automatic Ballista seems an excellent trap with far-reaching and relatively fair price. However, this trap is limited by two important points: the sighting system and scaling orcs hit points in Endless mode. Thus, Crossbow has this problem which, by the initial operation will take aim at a target or dying. Therefore, a crossbow only useful on maps where there are flying monsters...

Flamethrower: The new MDG3 weapon with the arrival of DLC Cold as eyes, the Flamethrower is probably one of the coolest parts of the game, however, its damage is quickly limited fashion without. End, especially as many maps have enemies immune to fire damage.

Tier D, too limited facilities for Endless Mode

The problem with these devices is the fact that the Endless mode is generally a game mode where the waves are long, and many where the scaling is permanent. Thus, these traps have little or no interest in this situation.

Archer Guard Bauble freedom Care bauble

Belt Zephyr Sword with two edges Vacuum Faille Barre ghosts Lure Dwarf Warhammer Elf Sabers

Archer Warning: If you love seeing these Archers in campaign mode, they are extremely limited since the Knoll Hunters will spray them after a few waves. Once the wave 20 passed, it is unlikely that your Archers are still alive...

Lure : One of the least efficient traps on Orcs must die! 3 Since it did not reappear after use in endless mode. Thus, it is clearly a totally useless option without an update coming to modify it. Main War Hammer : For the shot, we love the side effect of the weapon that, in addition to turning yourself into a helicopter, allows you to bring good control over several enemies at a time. Nevertheless, like the majority of weapons in the body, the Main War Hammer will be very limited in endless mode after some waves, the Orcs can easily you one shoot. Here for our full list complete traps and weapons for the endless mode of the game Orcs must die! 3. You can follow all the news of the video game and the Esport on Apatosaurus.


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