PlayStation discounts One of the best struggle games of history for only $ 3

As part of its Eve Christmas sale, PlayStation has discounted one of the best fighting games of all time to only $3. Specifically, that game in question turns out to be injustice 2, which is the last DC fighting game of the Nether realm Studios developer. Although the game is becoming quite old at this point, since it was launched in 2017, this current agreement is almost too good to let it go through those who potentially have not helped by themselves.

To put in context the great thing that is this sale for injustice 2, the game is normally sold for $19.99. That means it has been discounted in a drastic 85% as part of this current sale of PlayStation Store, which is something we almost never see. This offer will either disappear in the short term, since this promotion is scheduled to last until next month, on January 20.

Top 10 Best Narrative Games on PlayStation If you are looking to spend a little more money, the legendary injustice 2 also happens to be included in this sale. Instead of selling retail for $59.99, this version has now been reduced by 80% and currently can be purchased for $11.99. Compared to the basic version, Legend aria Edition includes all the DLC fighters who arrived at injustice 2 later launch. This means that you will have access to characters such as Bellboy, Maiden, Ninja turtles and many more. On the contrary, this discount will not last so long and will only be available until January 8.

If you are looking for a policeman injustice 2 for yourself right now, you can go to your page at the PlayStation Store right here. In addition, you can consult the complete list of securities included in the holiday sale by visiting this page.

Are you going to look to pick up injustice 2 for yourself if you still do not own it? And is it likely that this is the best discount that has been included in the online sale of PlayStation? Let me know your own thoughts in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.


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