Real Madrid: No chance for the next generation

The UEFA Champions League (UEFA Champions League), in some cases abbreviated in C1 and formerly referred to as European Champions Club Cup (from its creation in 1955 till 1992), is an annual football competitors arranged by the Union DES European football organizations (UEFA) and also bringing together the best clubs of the European continent. This is the most prestigious football club competitors in Europe before the Europa Organization. The winner of the competitors is immediately certified for the adhering to version. He also takes part in the UEFA super cap and the FIFA Club Globe Mug. Real Madrid is the most entitled club in the history of the competitors with thirteen victories. The CH ELA FC is the holding of the title.

Still in the summer you could have my skills, the royal would not have recognized the signs of time. In the semifinals of the Champions League, they had experienced against the FC Chelsea himself, as a team can develop when making this a meticulous idealist with a clear tactical concept.

EL DERBI IS COMING! | Real Madrid get ready for Atleti Not that Real Madrid seemed to tackle the year one after success trainer Zinedine Zidane. Carlo Ancelotti was not only much more Star trumpet in the summer of 2021 as a tactic genius, his great journey through Turin, Milan, London, Paris, or Madrid had meanwhile led the 62-year-old to FC Everton. Insurance.

Is the Italian really the right tax man for the return of a normally anchored club in the international top? In Madrid, the watches somehow seem to be different — because you probably have to answer this question with yes.

tricky games that are all won

Two and a half months after the embarrassing bankruptcy against Champions League-Neutling Sheriff Parasol are the royal in absolute top form: the past ten games were extracted across competition. And there — against tricky opponents such as Seville, Athletic, Real Societal, Inter and Last Atlético were also victories to whom you wonder from the championship candidate to make a master.

Not always strongly convincing or even glossy, but almost always extremely ripped off. La Leana will go on the FC Barcelona in this season — 13 points ahead of Atlético, 18 on the FC Barcelona — only about its record champion, which has also won its Champions League Group. And why not more?

Under Don Carlo, and that even under Zidane was rarely the case, all the man's parts work. Retrieving Courts has already secured some victory with its gloss parades; Benzema and Vinicius play and meet the front better than ever; New access Alba and promoted Militia now form one of the best internal defense duos of the continent.

The next generation looks into the tube

And that Aimee's bite Rojiblancos in a pretty unilateral city duel often into empty bite, was especially three gentlemen, which now appear as inevitable as the taxes and death. The eternal midfield train of Crews, Casino and Madrid, which is the next generation such as Fed Valverde or Eduardo Camping by the performance principle simply no chance.

Since his withdrawal from the national team and his return after lengthy violation dictated (and meets!) Crews so influential as long — whether he plays or does not sometimes a difference like day and night.

And on the other side of the subbinder and master of the clever foul Casino, who seems to be the lightweight errors and again has more offensive influence — probably a tactical Knight Ancelotti — conjures up the now 36-year-old Madrid, who not only fell into the young fountain, but must have completely drunk him in front of the Atlético game. Something is there with the watches in Madrid.


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