Riot Games In 2021, we do not hold All-Star game

The NBA All-Star Game, or NBA Star Suit, is an annual basketball suit opposing the ideal and west meeting gamers of the NBA. Around this event, the NBA established a genuine weekend break of celebrations: the NBA All-Star Weekend Break. Each player chosen at the very least as soon as at the All-Star Game gets the All-Star qualifier. The first All-Star Game in background was arranged on March 2, 1951, at Boston Garden.

In 2021, the League of Legend> All-Star Game is not going on.

On December 1, Riot Games said, This year decided not to hold All-Star game. E sports is conducting an international convention cycle leading to Mead Season Invite (MSI), World Championship (Rolled Cup) and All-Star Game.

This Game Looks So F@*king Good For the reason, Corona 19 is trendy in the world, compliant with the conventions and difficult to proceed with the convention. Since the All-Star game is held for three days, the self-isolation period is longer than the participation period. In addition, the players who participate all in the rolled cups and all-star games are explaining that the non-seasons relaxation period can be too short due to a long isolation period.

Riot Games also reviewed a way to switch to online format like All-Star game, but if you go online, you will not be reflected properly, if you go online, He said he was concerned about this decision.

Finally, Riot Games will be thankful for the fans, players and partners who supported the League of Legend e-sports this year. I also said that I am sincerely thanking for professional players and teams that have not worked for efforts.


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