The open beta from Wing Breakers flies on Steam on December 2nd

Announced in August, Wing Breakers is a new straight aerial race game without rules designed for strong sensations lovers. Wing Breakers promises to be an intense air combat game. It merges aircraft and fights into a fast-paced environment with wild explosions and total chaos.

Altitude0 Multiplayer Team Play

While players try to navigate the racetrack, they will need to avoid many environmental obstacles, including mountains, buildings, fire circles and oscillating blades. Cards range from rural areas to mountains through urban landscapes. As if it were not enough, cows or other animals may fall on a player's plane, blocking his view. Players will have to avoid these obstacles while trying to slaughter their opponents while they run to the finish line.

Each airplane is fully customizable and has many options for mounting weapons. There are also several types of bodies, jet biplane. Each Wing Breakers player will have to choose the type of aircraft that best fits the way he wants to run. Do you prefer an intense firepower to slaughter your enemies? Are you going to give priority to speed and reach the finish line first? Or do you want to do it with style and have proud look while you win?

All this and much more depends on Wing Breakers player. Get a taste of the action with the trailer below.

Julia, a small Slovenian development team, encourages players to join the open beta when launching. They want players to join the multiplayer and team up with other online players. Wing Breakers also offers a shared screen mode that promises to be intense.

Make sure you register for the beta version if you are interested.

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