The University of Portsmouth launches the first world course Coaching Esports

It is a secret for anyone that the Esport scene exploded lately. There are titans of the industry like CS: GO, League of Legends, Fortnite, all offering huge cards to winning players. With training scenes already established for traditional sports, what prevents a similar program from arriving at virtual tournaments? It turns out very little. Now the University of Portsmouth decided it was time to set foot in the door.

The University of Portsmouth is described as a progressive and dynamic university with an outstanding reputation for innovative teaching and innovation and innovation. And... yeah, it is satisfied. An Esport coaching course is certainly innovative. But will he succeed? Chances, surprisingly, are good.

A rapid dive reveals that the University of Portsmouth has already plunged its toes into the stage of Esport, if only at the surface level. The company Esports on campus has an operational website. It is even accompanied by a complete team: the Portsmouth paladins.

Conceived and delivered in partnership with IF OEC Ltd, the Education Partner of the International Federation of Coaches Esports, proudly declares the official course page, This course is an essential key if you want to stand out and have an impact in the world Professional game. Offered online or in person, the course lists a handful of features that interested students can take into consideration.

It's a cross-kind course, with lessons for a wide variety of games. It will involve a number of industry professionals. And of course, you will learn to interact with the players.

The Meta Matters Podcast SE1 EP5: Laura Swettenham - Think Aloud and Sport Psychology in Esports. See terms such as shot callers and legends in a course description is a little surreal, but it is a kind of pleasant surrealism. The terminology of the game and the Internet grows, becoming less and less a niche every day. Who knows what we will see in the next decade?

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