CEO of Square Enix declares its flame with the Blockchain and NFT in its New Year's message

Nothing like a letter from CEO addressed to its shareholders to update on the trends and buzzwords of the moment. In this exercise, Yoke Matsuda from Square Enix even surpassed by aligning the terms met averse, XR, 5g, Blockchain, Decentralized Gaming and of course NFT.

While NFT introductory attempts by Ubisoft in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and GSC in Stalker 2 have been rewarded for the least hostile, Square Enix does not intend to give up before trying. Facebook has changed its name in Meta in October, which proves that the concept of met averse is there to last and is not just a buzzword, Judge Yoke Matsuda, while recognizing a few lines beyond this term An abstract concept concept that only begins to take the form of products and services.

Regarding the famous non-fungible tokens that try to force the passage in the traditional video game sector, Yoke Matsuda recognizes that the galloping speculation that characterizes the economic model of NFTs and swell their value in an absurd way is pas an ideal situation But the leader is hopeful that these transactions end up ensuring as they fail with the public. I expect the transactions of digital goods to become as familiar as physical property transactions, he says. Note that Square Enix has already tested NFT in Japan by selling digital cards in this format in the mobile game Shi-san-sei million Arthur and has judged the commercially conclusive experience.

Square Enix Infuriates Internet After CEO Wishes Happy New Year With Disgusting NFT Plans & Message

The interest of Square Enix for NFT is an extension of potential growth levers that the group identified in May 2020: artificial intelligence, cloud but also blockchain games. Domains in which Square Enix continues to invest in R & D, which has for example given rise to the creation of the Subsidiary Square Enix AI & Arts Alchemy in the spring of 2020 in the artificial intelligence sector. Grand Mobile Game Producer, Square Enix closely monitors the deployment of the 5G and wants to continue investing in the cloud for the distribution of its products. A game like Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is playable on Switch thanks to the cloud.

Yoke Matsuda includes the reserves of those who play for fun Yoke Matsuda then focuses on the concept of Blockchain games by distinguishing between the public who plays for having fun and the one who plays to contribute. The second obviously does not vocal to replace the first, but Square Enix makes him soft eyes by imagining the benefits that could take place if this audience entered a self-sustaining circle of rewards.

The Blockchain games, which came out of childhood and currently enter a phase of growth, are constructed about the principle of a token economy and therefore have the potential to allow autonomous growth of games. I am aware that some people who play for having fun and currently constitute the majority of players have expressed reservations about these new trends, which is understandable. However, I think there are a number of people whose motivation is to play to contribute, that is to help make the game more exciting, he explains.

Depending on the reasoning of the CEO, the player-contributor does not find in the traditional video game enough incentive and rewards when it indulges in its leisure. According to Matsuda, even the Game Games segment (user-generated content) quickly found its limits for lack of sufficient rewarding the creative efforts of players, which are only motivated by feelings like good will And the spirit of volunteer. Not really the kind of notions that give guarantees to shareholders, that's for sure.

According to the progress of the savings of tokens, users will receive explicit incentives, which will not only increase the consistency of their motivation, but also to create a tangible advantage for their creative efforts. I think that will encourage more people to invest in these efforts and will allow the games to grow excitingly. Whether it's having fun, making money or contributing, a wide variety of motivations will encourage people to invest in games and connect to each other. These are the tokens based on the blockchain that will allow that. By integrating savings of viable chips in our games, we will promote autonomous growth of games. It is precisely this type of ecosystem that is at the heart of what I call the decentralized game, and I hope it will become a major trend in the games in the future, can we read.


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