Player with more than 8,000 hours explained what the PVP in MMORPG ESO makes good and what not

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PVP in MMORPGs often can do something with it a double-edged sword, and not every player. Mango editor Alexander Latch has spoken to the player and Twitch streamer Pain In The Ax, has spent the thousands of hours in PVP from the Elder Scrolls Online. He reveals what makes PVP in ESO well where it has weaknesses and why he hopes for New World which were not fulfilled.

With whom we spoke there? Pain In The Ax plays ESO for almost seven years and was especially in PVP go. June 2019, he also began to create videos and live streams to the MMORPG and made doing some self-created PVP builds before and created its own PVP community.

On the main character, he has season alone over 3,000 hours and overall he comes to more than 365 days he was completely online.

2021 moved briefly to New World because it is the PVP system has there liked at first sight. But after a few weeks he returned to ESO and created again by this.

We talked with him about the positive and negative aspects of PVP in ESO also about why New World could not bind him long term.

The biggest highlight is the combat system

Mango: You've already spent several hours in PVP by ESO. What exactly do you like about it?

Pain In The Ax: So the best part is, of course, the combat system in ESO because it is so fluid and responsive. There is no action times for skills, everything happens immediately and the combos in this game are much better, because anything can happen in less than a second.

If you get the timing right if you play well and know his combos and mechanics, then you can use an insane amount of burst or cure in order to stay alive. There are so many subtleties in PVP ESO alone only because of the combat system.

I like it also, one that if you are a good player, also struggling outnumbered and may even win. There is no Oh, I can not win, because I'm alone, but it can be quiet. If you play well and at the highest level, you can do incredible things.

I think it's one of the best things about the PVP system: If you play well, will achieve good results.

Mango: Where exactly are you in PVP go? There are indeed quite different scenarios and content.

Pain In The Ax: In general, I play either solo or in Small Scale in Cyril or on battlefields. Nowadays, I play mostly solo, because I like the challenge of being alone and fight as possible to as many people and to test my skills.

In battlefields of course I can not play alone, but battlefields make a lot of fun because they involve the team aspect with. You have to play for a team, you have to stick together, and you have to really pay attention to what everyone does in his team to win. This makes a lot of fun.

But it also requires a lot of coordination. Even if one does not communicate directly with other players, many people can simply read what you are doing by watching them. So you should keep an eye on his team. Maybe you can do something to support, and together they create then this great burst effect or this gigantic healing, this defensive rotation that you need when you're under pressure.

And I like it that the performance is very solid in the battlefields. That's why I'm usually landing much more often there.

performance issues and the MMR are problematic

Mango: So you're not so often in Cyril go ?

Pain In The Ax: No, I have Cyril enjoy in moderation. There is a period in which it is really fun and works well, and it's just amazing then.

But if all come from work to home and play, can you just do not do things that are so great in PVP. The combat system no longer works in such a scenario. So, unfortunately, you have to give at these times to Cyril. And that's really sad because this is a big part of the day on this one it just can not do.

Mango: Where do you then see the biggest problems in PVP ESO ?

Pain In The Ax: For me, it's the Midgame in PVP. It's really hard for a new player to enter the game because there is a huge skill gap. If you look at the lowest level in PVP, then that is probably the best form of PVP, because all the people get together who themselves still need to learn.

The Best PvP In an MMORPG! - ESO PvP Overview - Addicted!

But the MMR system is so weird because MMR is not based on your actual performance, so how good you are. It is based more on how much time you spend in the battlefields.

Let's say you are a new player and increases. You learn the battlefields with low MMR and you have fun because people are on a level. After a few rounds, however, you come in a higher MMR, and suddenly you fight against players like me or other endgame PVP cracks, and you will be fooled. You wonder what the hell happened? What is going on here?

There are no good slaughter fields with medium MMR, and it does not require a skill to get into the end Game MMR. That's why many players are frustrated and give up. If you really want to reach the endgame PVP, then there is a huge mountain to climb, instead of going over many smaller mountains.

What is the MMR system? The matchmaking rating is a number of not visible to players, which serves to assess the strength of players in the PVP. The rating is usually changing when your match wins or loses to step up or down in a ranking. The MMR is also called ELO in some games.

Mango: Yes, on such a moment, remember myself. The opponents were suddenly heavier from a match to the other.

Pain in The Ax: That's exactly what happens many, and it's frustrating because I really want the PVP growing. You were probably thrown into a battlefield with experienced PVP colleagues. And if you only played 50 runes or so, it just takes a while until you reach this level. Someone who suddenly throws into such a match will not understand how he should fight against the strong players.

It has to go back and forth, depending on how well you are and how to hit yourself. Only so people can learn and get better, because they will not learn anything if they fight against someone who has been doing for seven years because he is already developing so far at this time that it is not fair. They do not even understand what happens to them.

Therefore, the MMR system needs a strong revision.

New World should be an alternative, but disappointed

MEMO: 2021 Did you dedicate new world to play the PVP and maybe find an alternative to ESO. What interested you about the PVP, and what did it fail?

Pain in The Ax: Well, I really liked it that there was open PVP everywhere in the world. That sounds really cool. You could walk around, evolve his account and experience PVP action in between. You even have an advantage because you could experience faster than PVP player.

But unfortunately, the MMORPG did not offer too much in the endgame. As soon as you reached level 60, there was no incentive for PVP in the open world. The only form it gave for me were the wars. And they were unfortunately Laggy and chaotic. Tactics, strategies, coordination, unfortunately everything did not exist.

Everyone has stacked on a point, and it was just coincidence when damaged and when not. That was really boring and frustrating because nothing worked. And they have always said that it would be better. But then they have released the ominous gains, and they had a passive effect that has taken care of problems again.

That was the bug that caused me to uninstall the game. The grind in the endgame of the game has not fun. Only every day to run 24 hours Elite-Mobs is extremely boring, and you need a huge group every time. It was simply monotonous and boring.

Mango: The Battle System of New World is based on a similar system like ESO. How did you like that? After all, you have spent 388 hours within a short time.

Pain in The Ax: The combat system was good, if not as good as in ESO. I liked the idea of ​​New World and the general presentation, and we need good competition in the PVP.

New World directly to the Launch I was a lot of fun, it was a good experience. Many players, much action. Unfortunately, the endgame was not mature yet and not interesting enough to stay people. And there was guild drama with high taxes on our server and so.

Mango: There are other PVP games like Mortal Online or Albion online. How do you like to play?

Pain in The Ax: To be honest, I did not play these games intensively. I am a fan of Old School RuneScape and play there apart from ESO. I have not paid great attention to these titles, but maybe I should do that.

Furthermore, I am just very fixated on ESO, even because the last patch was perfect with the new sets and the Quality of Life adjustments.

The perfect PVP MMORPG needs incentives and good rewards

MEMO: How should the perfect PVP MMORPG look for you? Which content would it definitely need?

Pain in The Ax: It would need good incentives for players to come again and again and experience the content. It has to reward the players, such as one of the best moneymakers in the game. There would also need regular content drops to refresh old content and bring new concepts into play.

For ESO it would be honest with the best to revise the battlefields and the imperial city because the two zones where there are no performance problems. Since you can not use the excuse that predicts you to the implementation.

ESO is missing at fresh content, incentives and communication with the players

MEMO: What else would have to do to become a perfect PVP MMORPG?

Pain in The Ax: You must not focus so much on Cyril because that will be a long-term problem. We are already fighting for 3 years with a content hole, and we are very frustrated. It's time to focus on things that work, like new battlefield cards, new battle royal game modes, new rewards, and maybe a special skill line for the PVP.

We just need something substantial, which captivates us while continuing to work on the performance. You can not just say that you can do nothing until the performance fits. We do not know when that will be. We do not even know if you ever create it.

They do not really communicate well, what they work, but they must do something in the meantime, like a small compromise. For example, continue to work on the performance, but at the same time a little small, new add.

I would probably change something immediately. Something that could fix them quickly is likely to remove some AP rewards (Alliance Points) for empty fortresses to create an incentive to fight more than just a blank fortress to race and kill guards. Because that's at the moment so many people, and that somehow takes the PVP the charm. Reduces it a bit, because no one should get 6,000 AP for a blank castle.

MEMO: What would be the most important aspect that it should change?

Pain in the Ax: Incentives, that's what we need real incentives. If you make battlefields, say, you make three battlefields per hour, and you win all three. You should earn most of the gold in the game in the game, because it is actually very difficult to win all three.

And if all are competitive and want to win all, you can not take advantage of it. You can not just make lobbies and let another team win, because firstly the lobbies are random from the outset and secondly everyone wants to have the money. So no one will give up voluntarily because he wants to earn gold.

MEMO: Do you want to give something to our readers with regard to PVP?

Pain in The Ax: I have thrown a lot of words into the room. I have addressed many problems, for example when we get new content and how it looks with the performance. These are the most important questions about the PVP.

I hope I could bring over how much fun the PVP in ESO makes and how much potential it has. It's really fantastic. If everything works, it's the best PVP game I've ever gamed.

Mango: Thank you for your time!

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