The 35th anniversary of the Devil Conami, new... I will sell NFT instead

One of the action games representing INAMI and now the Revelation of the Macular Dracula (Castle Banned) series, which is currently in the Li master, Multi-Series, is NFT.

INAMI has registered 14 kinds of works through Money Memorial NFT page, commemorating the 35th anniversary of the series. The works will be sold at the NFT Platform Open SEA from NFT Platform Open SEA to NFT Platform Open SEA from 7:00 to 11:00 on the 13th. As an auction, the Dynamic Dracula of the Series, Dynamic Dracula ', the Main Visual Art of the Main Visual Art of the Devil Dracula Circle of the Demon, Dracula Circle of the Demon, and the BGM, including 40-second highlights and images. Done.

NFT Opensea bidding bot Prior to, INAMI mentioned technology development such as AI, 5G, and NFT through IR page. In addition, I also revealed anticipation of a unique and new market expansion of games with e-sports. INAMI said on this day, INAMI Memorial NFT is a new plan to share the love of the world's love, said, The first project in this field, followed by the early collection of this field, seeking new development and listening to the player's feedback I said.

INAMI joins the series in the world of Wall pay, and the Devillacioji, which is self-discussed as a person representing the series from the Sarcoplasmic Dracula, and the Mobile Game, which is released on the mobile, and the joint venture of Mobile Games It is not a new work. In addition, Castle Banana Road of Shadow 2, which was released in 2014, can not be criticized, and since then, it is a reminder or a PC platform work.

But last October NGC quoted an anonymous Publisher sources, then quoted the Animal Dracula, after the evaluation of the Devil Dracula, with the Development of the Dark Metal Gear Solid Series. It was reported that the resurrection of INAMI representatives such as horror game silent hill will be made.

If this is not the NFT auction, it is a great idea to be a memorable arm for a series that is maintained, or a series of the series resurrection.

Meanwhile, overseas large-scale games are also 2022, and they are handed to one and two NFTs. Square Enix's Matsuda Yoke CEO mentioned Facebook that changed the mission through the New Year's greetings on the first day of the year, and showed anticipation of the metabus and its own token issuance.

FBI Soft announced an FBI Soft Quartz, which introduced NFT to NFT with the Brake Point in December last year. Therefore, overseas media Cutaway quoted FBI Soft's internal social media herb bulletin board, and the internal employees are confused and embarrassed.

In addition, the GSC game world has been scheduled to include NFT elements in Heart of Chernobyl, but also revealed the relevant plan to the critical criticism.


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