What? The NFT auction of Konami was ... A success

Some time ago it was revealed that INAMI intended to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Castlemaine with an NFT auction. Although this proposal was repudiated by the players, last Friday this auction took place and, for the surprise of many, it was a success. In total we talk about profits of more than $150 thousand dollars for the Japanese company .

As NGC reports, each of the INAMI Auction Parts reached an average of $12 thousand dollars, with the Map NFT of Dracula Castle achieving the maximum of $26,538. According to estimated calculations, we are talking about a total of $162 thousand dollars, of which, $157 thousand reached the pockets of INAMI , since the rest was part of the Open Sean Commission, the site where it is He carried out this process.

Among the 14 pieces we find an NFT in the form of a featured three-minute video of several Games of Castlemaine, which was sold for $17,518. On the other hand, Someone took home a work of art from the popular circle of the moon for more than $17 thousand.


Despite all the controversies, the Auction of Castlemaine Memorial NFT proved to be quite positive for INAMI and, considering that this was only the first experiment, is very likely that in the future we see similar projects with different properties of the Japanese company .

On related topics, Troy Baker has joined the NFT market, and no one is happy. Similarly, Sega could abandon this trend, but under a condition.

Editor's note:

It is clear that those expressing their discontent with the NFTs are a vocal minority. Despite all the hatred that this business has received, the market continues to grow and generate money. Hopefully this will change in the future, and not everything that INAMI does from now on are NFT auctions.


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