Elden Ring: Be confess and samurai can be seen as classes

The pre-load to elden ring on Xbox consoles has been possible since yesterday and shows that it is no longer far until the release of the role play.

Only eight days, then Bandai Namco Entertainment will bring the latest game of the Dark Souls Developer from Software.

In the meantime, two other playable classes were revealed for Elden Ring. Lastly, Bandit and Astrologer were briefly presented.

Now the confessor and the Samurai can be seen.

As a specialist for concealed operations, the confessor turns out. The spy on the service of the church is also skilled in dealing with the sword as with its incantations.

As a capable warrior, the Samurai is known. He comes from the remote country of the reeds and leads in the fight the Katana, while the longbow enemies holds a distance.

In total, eight out of ten classes were officially revealed:

  • Astrologer
  • Bandit
  • Bekennner
  • Prisoner
  • Hero

Elden Ring - ALL 10 CLASSES | Which is Best For Your BUILDS! * Warrior * Samurai * Vagabond

On February 25, 2022, Elden Ring is released for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Playstation 4 | 5, and PC.


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