It is informed that call of duty: warzone will add the favorite pubg function of fans

It is reported that Raven Software is adding a new feature to Flama of duty: war zone soon, and pubg is expected by inspiration. Before I had Fortnite, Taeyends of the apex or Call of Duty: Warzone E, had pubg. While H1Z1 is technically the pioneer of the Genus Battle Royale, pubg was really the first game to popularize it. Then fortnite brought the genre into the mainstream in a way that never thought imaginable. Since then, Tailenda of the APIce and the duty area: War zone have helped to sustain gender. Said that, if pubg did not take off as he did, all these other games probably would not exist, so maybe it's not a surprise zona of war once again it is being inspired by him, or at least that is what is said that he is making.

Taking Twitter, OfTligations Font ModernWarzone transmitted the word that it called duty: war zone_ reported, adding RedePloy Ballons in season 2 that will work as Fulton Balloons in pubg.


"Zona of war reportedly, it is adding redistribution balloons in season 2 that could work in a manner similar to this mechanics in pubg which was also previously used in Modern - Special Operations 2019," Modernwarz1 said. "This could cause boiler to feel like a much better map. I would give players a viable option to rotate on the map without exposing themselves to campers and people who occupy power positions on elevated land while trying to rotate around the top ».

For now, it is important to remember the use of "supposedly". In other words, this is not an official news and, therefore, should be taken with tweezers. Of course, if any official word comes from some official source, either through a comment or an ad, we will update it with everything you need to know.

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