A new card of "Haers Stone" will be released in Automaton. Romante-strong Land Sharobo Gyeer

BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT announced the new extension pack "Sleeping Submarine Cities Sleeping Abyss" on March 18, Digital Card Games " Haas Stone ". Implementations are scheduled to be April 13. And in this work, before the implementation of the expansion pack, there is a practice that performs "festivals" that media and famous players in the service target country will introduce new cards for several days. This magazine will be appreciated by the deposit of the BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT, which is the management source, and will participate in the new card announcement.

"Haasstone" is a digital card game developed and operated by Blizzard Entertainment. "Haers Stone" is characterized by a game system that is based on the world view of the "Walkraft" series released by the company, or a game system that uses the card to be digital. This time, the expansion pack "Submarine Sleeping Sleeping to the Abyss" is a new gimmick or sea that explores the secret of the submarine city, under the theme of exploration survey to the ancient city Jin Ascali sinked in the seabed. A 135 cards are implemented that express the beautiful and horrible world of "submarine cities" such as super-large organisms and hostile new species nagers.

The cards presented from Automaton are as follows:

** · Card name: "Round Mensive Robo Gayer" · Type: Minion · Rea degree: Legend

Horizon Forbidden West How To Play Machine Strike Stone Crest (All Boards) · Class: Mage **

Effect: After the super large +2 ally mechanical attacks, give one damage to all enemies

** · Card name: "Gayer Drill" · Tribe: Minion · Rea degree: Common Class: Mage

Effect: Route **

There are many places where you want to mention various things, but it is a keyword "super large" that is newly implemented by expansion now. A minion with a keyword "super large" (English name: COLOSSAL) is that a token of additional sites with a strong synergy effect with the card of the main unit is implemented. These additional sites seem to be summoned without mana costs when the super large minion's body is summoned. The number of +2 means the number of additional sites summoned in the set during the body summons. In other words, if you issue a "Round Herb Robo Gayer", an additional part token "Gayer Drill" will come out automatically. Even if it appears on the board with the effect of other cards without taking out from a hand, it seems that additional sites appear to appear if the body appears. If you use an effect that summons minions, you may be able to build a powerful board even if you have not introduced a "super large" card from the beginning to the deck.

The ability of "Round Mensive Robo Gayer" boasts more strength than destroying the concept of Manureçio. Since the "Gayer Drill", which is an additional site has an auspicious board, there is a minion in the other party's place, and if there is a minion, two points can be fused instantly for the other party. By constructing a board surface with a mecha species, it is possible to make a batting point or more. "Do you actually have the opportunity to summon it?" However, because the type of mage deck that controls the board is called "Hero Power Mage" in the environment so far, the deck that has appeared it If you build, this card will not be difficult to adopt this card. It may have a future that the decent deck type "Mekumai" is changing and revealing the shape.

In addition, I hope that the above-mentioned card evaluation by the author will only be the forecasted expectations in an environment where new cards have not been announced (personally, I was introduced last time The forecast on the stretching wire is reflected in the deck "weapon Rogue", so it was hit there, so it was confident in this forecast).

New extension "Submarine city sleeping to the abyss" is not only mounted with "super large", such as "Round Merchapl Robo Gyear" is implemented, but also keyword "submarine exploration" that enables deck top operation. And, the "Azchara's ~" card card and the new minion tribe "Naga" are implemented. Let's continue excavating the treasure named "victory" that sleeps in the submarine city by making full use of a huge minion and a new seed, and a new gimmick.

New extension pack of "Haasstone" "Submarine city sleeping to the abyss" is scheduled to be mounted on April 13. In accordance with this, a lead purchase acceptance of a packed pack is also performed. Please check the official site for details.


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