Quantic Dream: The studio of David Cage bought back entirely by the Chinese of Netease? The big rumor

Independent Studio has become its own publisher and that of new projects since January 2019 since NetEase has invested $ 100 million in capital, Quantic Dream may well be 100% redeemed by the Chinese giant. This information, which will obviously be dealt with in the form of rumors for the moment, comes from Journalist Tom Henderson, well known for his leaks and scoops that he regularly shares on Twitter. This time, it's for the exputer website that he has signed the exclusive qualified paper. According to the man and his well-placed sources, talks have been started for several months between Netease and Quantic Dream for total acquisition and who may be announced since this summer. According to Tom Hendersen, this desire for redemption would come from the leaders of Quantic Dream, who would actually have a few large companies since the end of the exclusive collaboration that the Parisian studio maintained with Sony Interactive Entertainment for which several games were realized. To try to seduce a maximum of interested, Quantic Dream would have presented the Project Karma as his next big game and presented at that time as a spatial exploration game, and who will later become the famous Star Wars Eclipse, which was announced in December 2021.

What Has Happened To Quantic Dream?

Netease could be a good candidate for the total redemption of Quantic Dream, the Chinese giant already showing his attraction for the big AAA game studios, like the redemption a few months ago of Grasshopper Manufacture, the studio founded by Suda51, at L Origin of franchises such as Killer7, No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw. By redeeing a studio like this and possibly Quantic Dream, it would allow Netease to sit some credibility in the world of classical and qualitative video game, other than the mobile game whose Chinese firm has made the specialty. Those who are close to the files declare that the redemption agreement would be quite identical to that of Grasshopper, that is, it would allow Quantic Dream to work freely and could enjoy the financial resources including the studio of David Cage needs to properly end his star Wars Eclipse.

And finally, always according to Tom Hendersen's paper, Netease did not want to comment on this subject, but recognizes the opportunity. A semi-word admission somewhere...


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