In 3 years Angkor, StarCraft live concert on the 18th

The platin (Representative Jinsol) said that 'StarCraft Live Concerts: Angkor' is held on May 12, 2022 (Thursday) at 7:30 pm.

'StarCraft Live Concert: Angkor' stage is an Angkor performance of 'StarCraft Live Concert', which has arranged OST of StarCraft OST in August 2019. The 'StarCraft Live Concert' held in 2019 has exceeded 2 million views of YouTube, and over 4,000 comments and a large topic is collected.

Platel Co., Ltd. said that many game users who have not seen the performance have been expected to anticipate Angkor performances in various communities. In addition, we have signed an official copyright for the United States of America and the United States of America in 2019, followed by a three-year official copyright use agreement, and added that they were able to succeed in 2022, and once again to be impressed once again.

In this stage in Sejong Cultural Hall, the famous music of StarCraft is prepared, including a well-known Terran's Gamer, which is well known to the Korean gamers, which is a nickname that is an alias, In addition, there is a vivid OST of StarCraft, a variety of OSTs that lead a variety of OST, leading to the Platel Game Symphony Orchestra and Band, and will be released vividly. In addition, in the 'StarCraft Live Concert: Angkor', the game images are in real time with music, and audiences have been able to admire the subject songs and OSTs by the starcraft, and the ost of StarCraft.

Ticket Open will be held on the 18th (month), and can be booked on Sejong Cultural Tickets and Interpartments' homepage. "I want to offer an unforgettable time for a game lovers," I would like to have an unforgettable time for a game lovers "in this performance," I would like to carefully and care for a safe performance. ".


On the other hand, the platin, the platin, has established a formal partnership agreement with Blizzard Entertainment headquarters, and has established a formal partnership agreement with Blizzard Entertainment Headquarters, and has been organizing several performances in Blizzard's game music.


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