The gates of Diablo Immortal open also on the PC

The Diablo Immortal announced only for Smart Devices also appears for the PC. In June it starts.

Dont make these Beginner Mistakes in Diablo Immortal

Blizzard had announced a short live stream for today's Mobile Game Diablo Immortal with new information and delivered the American developer and publisher. After the announcement of the Action RPG a good four years ago and several test phases, the game should now appear on June 2 for Smart Devices.

But that's not enough, Diablo Immortal will be playable on the PC from this day (if only only a beta version) and fully practiced cross-play. So if you start at home with the bloody adventure, you can continue on the way where you stopped and vice versa. In addition, you can always play with and against all players, regardless of the chosen platform. Incidentally, both the mobile and PC version will be able to play with controllers. In addition, the developers of the action-packed role-playing game have installed the WASD scheme known from ego shooters in the PC version, so that you can also move through the keyboard instead of the mouse clicks by the eight different zones of Sanctuario.

Blizzard tips over again with superlatives in the announcement video. Diablo Immortal should, among other things, the largest and extensive Diablo so far. What?! Diablo 3 is now over ten years old and the game development has not stopped during this time. The fact that Diablo Immortal will be the most extensive and largest part of the series until the release of Diablo IV is therefore a little surprising, especially since Blizzard sets extensive modification possibilities and various social features. For six character classes as well as numerous main and side quests, a lot comes together.

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