Trucos Wordle video game: How to play and win at High Score Day

Wordle's words already know us by little, so week after week, new versions of the popular game about guessing words are appearing. He recently touched the world of video game with High Score Day .

How to play video game Wordle

If you want Playing video game Wordle You can do it from High Score Day, where you will simply have to try to guess the first game that goes daily to start playing the challenge of the day.

Unlike similar proposals such as FRAMED, this time the challenge is to guess five games every day, but if you fail in any of them, you will simply jump to the next and you will be shown that you have lost one of your five daily lives.

Tips for winning at High Score Day

If you want to guess High Score Day games, cheating, the easiest thing is right clicking with the mouse on the image that pose doubts and click on Search image on Google . In this way you will find similar images that will give you clues about the name or even the source of the original image.


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