Wow dragon flight hyped me zero, but still gets good

When Blizzard ** announced the new WoW extension on the evening of April 19, 2022, the vast majority of the heroes to return to Azeroth and upcoming adventures on the dragon islands. For many, the exact reasons were not half as important as the associated features of the new expansion. In the course of the evening, however, we should learn a lot about this in various deep dives.

While Blizzard used to start such events with a bang and martial trailers and announcements, the tone was much calmer this time - and this applies to the statements of the developers and the presented Cinematic. The result was that with a whole lot of players, including our editor, there was not really anything from Hype. That no longer changed in the course of the evening. Dragon Flight simply couldn't hypen as Shadowlands, Battle for Azeroth or Legion.

Phil in his video column tells you why this is not a bad thing, and why the deliberately not intentionally not addressed topics in some of us provide great optimism regarding the upcoming Dragon Flight expansion.

the hype fails

What can I say? After the first few minutes of the presentation, I was already pretty disillusioned and at least as far away from a emerging hype as the night elves from the joy over another campfire in Teldrassil.

With the progress of the event and the following deep dives, my mood changed increasingly. In the meantime, I am still not hyped, but I am very optimistic about the future of WoW (buy now). And that is not even the guilt of what the developers and presented, but above all what they did not mention!

Dragonflight: World of Warcraft Is FINALLY Changing... Because those who listened exactly have noticed that some topics were not addressed at all. In the later interviews, of course, it was followed up ( also in our interview with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas ) and the important facts came as light. These now exude a lot of optimism, at least for me. And I also want to explain why this is so on the coming side.

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