Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising: Action

505 Games, Rabbit & Bear Studios (under the direction of Yoshitaka Murayama, one of the creators of Suikoden) and Natsumeratari publish Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, the 2.5D action-RPG, which serves as an accompanying predecessor of the Eiyuden Chronicle: hundred heroes in 2023.

The adventurous prequel will be available on PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store from today. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is also available in the Xbox and PC Game Pass from today.

The once flowering city of New Nevaeh, on the continent Allraan, is in a dilapidated state after a devastating earthquake. But not everything is lost - the earthquake has uncovered ancient rune hills deep underground.

While the inhabitants are rebuilding the city, adventure seekers from all over the world arrive to loot the ruins' wealth, including powerful artifacts called rune lenses. Here, three prospective heroes embark on a journey that has far -reaching effects on the Universe of Eiyuden Chronicle.

CJ, a carefree and self -confident treasure hunter, hopes to fulfill her initiation rite by bringing a prey home to her family name.

Isha, a mighty sorceress and daughter of the disappeared mayor of New Nevaeh, takes looters in the lack to rebuild the city. The animal mercenary Garoo claims that he was only because of the money, but secretly his heart is as big as his punitive sword.

Every character has an individual combat style that needs to be mastered: CJ can jump over opponents with a double jump, Isha can teleport and unleash an ice magic while Garoo can distract projectiles in order to then counter with its massive sword. In addition, time-based combos must be used, so-called link attacks, to defeat the bosses.

Forests, mystical ruins, frosty mountain peaks and other special places that have been searched for by bars must be researched. The graphic style of Rising combines 3D environments, impressive sprites and hand-painted enemies to convey a better feeling of depth.

A nostalgic soundtrack accompanies the lively look and makes Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising an action RPG for fans of classics and newcomers alike.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising - Official Launch Trailer In order to help New Nevaeh residents, materials must be collected in dungeon. New weapons, armor, accessories and more can be activated by the reconstruction of business in the city.

Players can receive additional rewards that Hundred Heroes will be transferred to next year. These include cosmetic objects, valuable equipment, merchandise and more.

The events in Rising prepare for the action and the world -voltage adventure from Hundred Heroes. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes will appear for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC via Steam, Gog and Epic Games Store. In addition, 505 games are announced today that the game will also be released for Nintendo Switch.


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